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Do you love the theatre? Are you dramatic by nature and can effectively change your emotions in the blink of an eye? Have you considered pursuing a career in acting? As an actor or actress you will be responsible for portraying a given character in a given situation. You will likely need to apply theatrical concepts or techniques to engage the audience as much as possible. While it is not necessary to have a formal education to work in this professional capacity, an educational background will likely help you be more educated and better able to pursue a wider variety of roles. It is important to understand that actors and actresses do not solely work in movie roles. In fact, it is quite common for individuals employed in acting to work in live theater productions, in commercials, on television shows, or at theme parks. In addition, you may start your acting career in one role or capacity and then attain more significant roles as you gain experience. As you work to become a successful actor or actress you will likely find yourself performing at a wide variety of real-world scenarios. For instance, open mic nights, nightclubs, community college theatrical productions, or even dinner theaters will help you establish your worth as an actor or actress. You may also find it beneficial to hire an agent who will help you land roles that suit your acting abilities.

It is not required for you to obtain a formal educational degree in order to become gainfully employed as an actor or actress. However, it is common for individuals interested in acting to complete drama courses or acting classes. Should you decide to pursue a formal degree you will likely receive training in voiceovers, stage management, sketch comedy, acting theory and technique, impromptu acting, and musical theater. To learn more about a formal degree in acting, take a moment and research the schools listed on the site. Any of the acting colleges listed will be glad to send you a free information packet to help you make a sound educational decision.

As you start your acting career it is quite common for individuals to work in other professions until they become established. For instance, aspiring actors and actresses work in positions such as proofreaders, waiters and waitresses, script readers, and office administrators. It is important to understand that while these jobs have very little connection to the world of acting, it does provide a steady income that will allow you to pursue your primary career dreams. Get started and research all the accredited acting schools shown below.