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Do you feel sure that you belong behind the camera? Do you have an eye for what will create a great photo opportunity and you also know how to make it happen? Do you find that you are always on the lookout for spots that would photograph great, no matter who would be in the pictures? If you said yes to each of these questions, then a career in photography is likely to be a great fit for you! Perhaps one of the greatest things about working in the field of photography is that it is not required for you to complete a specific type of training or degree program. However, do not be fooled; by completing some level of formal training you are likely to have a formidable edge against fellow job seekers in this industry. Keep in mind, the field of photography is a quite competitive one; therefore, to be successful you will want to have a distinct factor that allows you to separate yourself from other individuals in this field. In addition, the field of photography may open up the possibility for you to work as an independent photographer or you could work for a larger corporation. In fact, over half of photographers are self-employed, while those working for a larger corporation tend to have a higher level of education. Any of the photography schools on this site will be able to properly train you for this exciting career.

One of the employment avenues that photographers who have completed a formal education may want to consider is to become a photojournalist. As a photojournalist you will be expected to take engaging and informative images that help to tell news stories from around the world. In this profession your technical expertise, as well as your artistic abilities, will be put to good use on a regular basis. It is also important to note that in this field you may be required to have some of your work published at little or no benefit to you in order to build your reputation and your portfolio in this industry. Although you may not think that it would be a great idea to publish your work without any monetary benefit, by having that connotation on your resume you will likely be well ahead of other people who are searching for jobs in this field of work.

As a photojournalist you will need to be capable of choosing the most appropriate type of film and filters, altering the lighting to achieve the best effects, and editing the photographs to improve the overall quality of the pictures that were taken. In this profession you can expect to have strict deadlines that you will be expected to meet, which may require you to work under a significant amount of pressure at times. In this industry it is quite common for photojournalists to work on a freelance type basis that allows them to work on specific projects on an as needed basis. This allows them to be flexible in their work and to choose assignments that they feel will best suit their professional needs and goals.