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The Most Popular Career Path for your Computer Graphic Degree

The industry of computer graphics is a promising and growing field in today’s society. Once you have completed some level of formal degree program or training you will be adequately prepared to land almost any position within this field. However, as with most any profession there are definitely some specific positions that are more popular than others.

For instance, one of the more popular areas that individuals pursue in this field is to work as a graphic designer. Although you will definitely need advanced level drawing skills to work in this professional capacity, it is important to note that before you reach an end product the majority of your work will be manipulated by computer software. While this may make you think that you do not need to possess an ability to draw, you wouldn’t be farther from the truth. The software programs will require that you have a traditional hand drawing to begin working with before the computer program can do its part. As with many other technologically based professions, it is very feasible for you to consider working in this profession on a freelance basis. While this will allow you to set your own rate of pay and the hours that you choose to work, you should prepare yourself for the work to not always be as steady as if you worked within an agency or large company. No matter which of these situations you become employed within you will likely spend the majority of your time designing graphics for apparel, pamphlets or brochures, or even billboards.

Once you get your computer graphics degree and become a graphic designer it will be critical that you can communicate in an effective manner with your clients. As you communicate with your clients it will be up to you to decide how to best use film media, electronic methods, and techniques of print in order to accurately portray the intended message. This will require you to choose the most appropriate layout, font design, illustrations, animation, or photography for each specific project. As you approach a particular project you will be expected to identify a client’s desires for the assignment, to create a preliminary sketch for the client to approve or to suggest further changes to be made, and to create additional sketches until the client is satisfied. It is important to note that your clients will expect you to consider possible cultural differences, social factors, and the intended audience as you work to create a design that will appropriately address the proper consumer audience.

Keep in mind, should you gain experience in other areas related to graphic design your employment opportunities will be even greater. For instance, if you receive formal training or experience in one specific area, such as web design, then you would be able to work to create multimedia projects, to create websites, to create internet marketing campaigns, or to design interactive marketing materials. Of course, there are several other areas of computer graphics that you can pursue that may be more aligned with your educational program or your particular area of strength.