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What Can I Do in the Furniture Design Industry

When you think furniture do you instantly think couch, or maybe instead your thoughts instantly turn to a dining room table. In truth, there are many different areas of furniture design that you would be able to choose from. For instance, if you chose to focus your work efforts on upholstery you would likely find yourself working on any number of different pieces of furniture. Keep in mind, in the industry of furniture design you could choose to work on any number of different pieces with any number of different fabrics or textiles. Ultimately, you will need to be well versed on the different fabrics and materials that can be used and which are better for some circumstances as opposed to others. To get started find all furniture design schools in your area to see which one is the best fit.

If working to upholster existing furniture pieces is not what you had in mind, then perhaps you should consider working for a manufacturer to design specific furniture pieces for a wide range of consumers. No matter if you are making a bedroom set for a young child or whether you are creating a dynamite dining room set, it will be up to you to stay abreast of current market trends as they relate to the designs of furniture. In addition, in order to be successful it will be imperative that you are well versed and comfortable designing and creating furniture that addresses the many different styles (such as modern, traditional, or eclectic). Although your specific job responsibilities will vary some depending upon your employment, it is likely that you will also need to consider the cost of creating your designs, the feasibility of producing your designs in mass production, how your designs will stack up against the competition, and how your designs will align with a specific company's market place.

Regardless of the type of furniture design environment that you end up working within, you can expect to work in the following general format: you will be asked to sketch a design of a particular piece of furniture (either for purchase by the general public or to address a particular customer request), then you will be expected to evaluate your design based on its feasibility and to decide whether it will be a sound financial decision to produce your design. If your furniture design is received in a positive manner, then you should be prepared to provide an itemized list for what will be required to produce your design and blueprints that will show specific drawings for each phase of the production process.

It is important to keep in mind, that much like any field of design, it will be crucial that you can create designs that are unique in nature and that will allow your creative abilities to shine through. In addition, it will likely benefit you to find your niche that appropriately shows your strengths in furniture design. Keep in mind, as you complete sketches there are numerous other furniture designers who are also cranking out designs that they think are phenomenal. It will be important that your designs are viewed as phenomenal by the large majority of consumers. Start your furniture making training today from an accredited school.