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What Do I Need to Know about Becoming a Computer Animator

Have you completed your degree requirements in the field of animation? Are you ready to begin pursuing a particular career path, but you want to be sure that it appropriately fits your needs and your goals? A great area within this field of study that you may want to consider pursuing is a computer animator. As a computer animator you will need to possess a flair for the dramatics and effective storytelling techniques, as well as a wide range of drawing and technical skills. Although at first glance an individual may think that a computer animator will not have a wealth of employment opportunities to work within, that is actually far from the truth. After all, practically everywhere you look you can see evidence of a computer animator's work. For instance, it would be possible for you to work as a computer animator and to focus your efforts in an area such as video gaming, cartooning, or special effects. Start researching a animation degree college here or read reviews from students to find the best fit.

In your work as a computer animator you will be expected to consistently employ techniques such as stop frame animation and traditional hand-drawn animation. While the traditional hand-drawn animation techniques are used to create a character's every movement and facial expression, the stop frame animation actually allows a character to come to life on the screen. In addition, it will also be crucial that you can use a wide range of software in order to employ many different techniques that will yield a satisfactory end product. It is also important to note that to be successful in this professional capacity you must be able to work well among a team. In most cases, many individuals will work to complete every aspect of an animation project before it is considered complete. In this employment situation it may be possible for you to work within a web design firm, a television or movie production company, or with an animation firm, among others. However, you should also know that in today's advanced technological world it may be possible for you to work with a team of animators from a remote location. For instance, many computer animators work in a freelance capacity to perform their job responsibilities from the comfort of their own home. Find animation class training from many of the schools listed on our site.

While the majority of your job functions will be performed in a similar manner, in this employment situation you will need to have especially good forms of communication. Regardless of which employment avenue you decide to pursue, you will definitely want to keep in mind that you will want to stay abreast of current software trends and changes and to maintain a portfolio that accurately depicts your abilities. Due to the fact that employment in this industry tends to be quite fierce, it may be a good idea to continue to add techniques, training, and abilities to your resume. Having solid abilities in two dimensional and three dimensional animation techniques is also likely to be beneficial to you in your role as a computer animator.