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What Can I Do with an Accounting Degree

Do you have a natural ability for working with numbers? Can you almost see yourself pecking away at a calculator on a daily basis, working in a position related to accounting? If you said yes to each of these questions, now it is just a matter of choosing an appropriate position that will fit your career goals and your dreams for your future. Keep in mind, as with many professions the employment opportunities that you have in this industry are likely to be directly related to the level of educational degree that you have completed. Find accounting schools with a simple search on our site.

For instance, one feasible employment option is to work as a budget analyst. In this position you will be expected to create and manage the financial plans of a specific organization. It is important for a budget analyst to have good people skills, good communication skills, and a strong understanding of quantitative skills; this will likely make the necessary negotiations much more successful for the analyst. Or, perhaps a position as an auditor will better suit your career plans. As an auditor it is most likely that you will be able to find employment within a large corporation or within a governmental sector. In this professional capacity you will be expected to use financial statements and accounting ledgers to truly determine how a company is making money. Keep in mind, although in recent years the primary job functions of an auditor are performed using computer software, an auditor still holds an important position in a company's success or failure. We recommend looking any of the schools below that offer accounting degrees to see if one fits in with your career goals.

Working as a tax accountant is another viable employment option in this industry. In this professional capacity you will spend the majority of your time preparing corporate or personal tax statements and returns. In addition, you may also be expected to provide advice to your clients regarding issues such as tax deferral, how to most effectively handle a merger or an acquisition, how to best appropriate income and expense items. It is important to understand that in this position it will be imperative for you to be very knowledgeable of tax codes and regulations; you will also be required to stay abreast of changes that occur in these areas. Although the educational requirements for this position are likely to be a little more than other positions in the industry of accounting, you may find that the work is more rewarding and that you have more professional possibilities.

Another great position related to the field of accounting is to work as a management accountant. In this position it is likely that you will be working within a company type setting and that you will be spending most of your time performing cost analysis, determining how to efficiently manage expenses, and handling new and existing contracts. Although in previous years a management accountant was referred to as a bean counter, in recent years this position has somewhat been revamped. Now, you can expect to be viewed as a valued employee who is helping the company to make the most sound business decisions possible.