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What Jobs are Available and What Can I Do with my Advertising Courses

Have you recently completed your undergraduate degree in an area of advertising? Are you now looking at your different career options and trying to decide which one will best suit you? Are the possibilities quite endless, making your job of choosing one direction more than a little overwhelming? Don't be overwhelmed! Instead, make a list that will show your options and begin to narrow down your choices so that you can make the most informed decision possible about your future. It is important to note that while there are many different employment choices in the world of advertising, there are also many other areas that you may be able to seek employment. This is due to the fact that an advertising degree will allow you to have the knowledge that is needed to work in many different industries. Let's face it, no matter what type of industry you are looking at or thinking about, it is likely that their business could benefit from effective advertising practices.

One area that you may want to consider seeking employment in is public relations. Although you do not have to have completed an advertising degree to work in this capacity, your training in this area will surely prepare you to work in this field. In the field of public relations you will spend the majority of your time working to create a favorable public opinion for your client or business. While at times you will be required to conduct press conferences, you can also expect to be required to write press releases, to communicate with a variety of media, and to arrange public appearances that will benefit your company or your client. Marketing, which is an area that is similar to that of advertising, is another area that you may be able to find employment in. In the field of marketing you will use the aspects of advertising and promotions in order to sufficiently build a client's business.

A more obvious employment choice may be for you to work to sell advertising. Should you choose to pursue this employment direction, it may be possible for you to work for a radio station, for a newspaper or magazine, or for a television station. However, it is important to understand that in this professional capacity it is likely that you will be working primarily on a commission basis. Another feasible choice would be for you to seek employment as a market researcher. In this position you would be responsible for determining the level of demand that exists for a particular product or service; you would also be expected to use what you know to figure out if a particular product or service can effectively compete with similar products that are in the marketplace.

Although this is not a complete list of the employment options that exist for a person who has a degree in the field of advertising, it is a list of the more popular choices. Be sure to check into the different advertising courses the below schools offer so you can do a proper comparison.