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What to Know about Becoming a Real Estate Appraiser

Are you thinking of pursuing a career in the real estate industry? Are you fascinated with the real estate market and the way that particular pieces of property are valued? Do you have some experience in the real estate market place and now you think you would enjoy working as a real estate appraiser? Do you think you have what it takes to provide fair assessments of a piece of property? If you answered yes to each of these questions, then it is likely that a career as a real estate appraiser will indeed suit your career goals and intentions. Find schools that offer real estate appraiser courses to get started.

It is important to keep in mind that as a real estate appraiser you will need to stay abreast of market trends, know what buyers are currently looking for, be aware of which neighborhoods are popular among potential buyers, and be able to look beyond small imperfections that a new owner can easily fix. It is also critical that you understand that financial institutions will be looking to your appraisals to gauge the amount of money that they are willing to loan potential buyers; therefore, your accuracy is key. Keep in mind, real estate appraisers are needed for practically all types of property -- commercial, residential, shopping malls, apartment building, and office complexes. In addition to appraising properties for potential buyers, your services will also likely be needed for upcoming government acquisitions, tax assessments, closings and mergers, property ownership disputes, and for determining the value of an estate. Regardless of what you are appraising it will be necessary for you to analyze a collection of data from several different sources before you compile your final written report. In some cases you may be required to review blueprints, to review previous appraisals that were conducted, and to factor in government regulation and zoning issues that may apply.

In some cases, a real estate appraiser works for himself or herself in an individually owned business, while other appraisers choose to work within a firm type setting that consists of several appraisers. If neither of these employment options really appeals to you, then perhaps you should consider working for a real estate company, for a banking institution, for your local government, or for large insurance corporations. It is important to know that before you can work as a real estate appraiser you must have a valid license for the state that you live in. Since specific licensing requirements vary from one state to another you will want to check into what is required by your state of residence. In many cases, aspiring real estate appraisers choose to work in an apprenticeship type of situation under a currently licensed appraiser in order to learn the business. However, this is not the only way for you to become trained in this business. In many situations, you will want to check into what is common place in your location and select an option that best suits you.