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What Career Path Can I Pursue in the Field of Computers and Technology?

What Career Path Can I Pursue in the Field of Computers and Technology?

Do you consider yourself to be a computer geek? Do you find that you are most comfortable when you are sitting behind your computer screen? Are you ready to choose a direction in which to travel in your professional life? If you answered yes to each of these questions then now is definitely the time to narrow down your career choices, find a computer school and begin achieving your dreams! It is important to understand that the field of computers and technology is extremely broad; you will surely want to select an area that you exhibit strength in and focus your work efforts in that area. After all, practically every type of business and every aspect of a particular business involves the use of computers and the integration of technology. In addition, online research shows that occupations within this industry will continue to experience growth over the next few years, making this a great time to enter this market place.

One specific area that you can focus your work efforts in is information security. Due to the major increase of online purchases that are being made and personal information that is being shared in the virtual world, information security is likely to be a great direction to focus your abilities in. In this technology based role you will be responsible for punctually responding to cyber-attacks that occur, installing up to date security software, and monitoring your company’s network with regards to security breaches. It will also be your responsibility to ensure that hackers do not gain access to a company’s database or client records; should a hacker gain entry then you will be expected to keep the damage at a minimum for the company. In some instances, you may be expected to build, develop, and implement a computer’s infrastructure. Although you may have to spend some time training some of the company’s employees with regards to the computer system and programming that is being used, your primary job responsibility will be to do whatever necessary to protect the information that is present within a business’s database. Research all computer & technology schools to find the perfect fit.

However, if working as an information security specialist does not particularly appeal to you, then perhaps you should consider pursuing a position as a computer forensic technician or as a computer network administrator. Within the field of computer forensics you would likely work as an investigator alongside a law enforcement agency. In this position it will be your responsibility to work to recover data from a computer information system that has been lost as a result of a crime being committed. In order to be successful in this position you will need to have training in how to recover encrypted passwords and files that have been deleted. Should you decide to work as a computer network administrator then you may be expected to fulfill a wide variety of functions on any given day. For instance, you may have to work as a network engineer or architect, as a webmaster or web developer, or as a database administrator.