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What Exactly Does a Career in Computer Information Systems Involve?

What Exactly Does a Career in Computer Information Systems Involve?

Are you considering a computer information systems career? Are you slightly hesitant because you really aren’t sure just what this career path entails and what it may make available to you? Are you trying to do your homework so that you make a solid decision about your future? If you answered yes to each of these questions, then you are surely well on your way to having a promising future career in the field of technology. In addition, the job growth in this industry is expected to grow at a higher than average rate over the next few years, which is sure to make your job search more productive. It is important to understand that while many individuals are able to become employed in this industry without having completed a formal degree program, your chances at standing out against fellow job competitors is sure to be greater if you have training or relevant experience on your resume. Keep in mind, positions within the technology industry are fast paced and your prospective employers are likely to choose individuals who have the skills and abilities that are necessary and that will allow them to easily transition into a position. Find all CIS degree programs offered using our search widget above.

In the professional capacity of an information systems manager you will hold an integral role in how an organization operates and plans for the future. It will be up to you to develop and implement new technologies that a company will use and to also decide how to best implement these technologies. As you work as an information systems manager it will be critical that you can maintain internet support for the system that you have implemented for the benefit of the company. You can be expected to be very involved in an organization’s plans for their future; from how a company promotes themselves in an online manner to how online sales are generated to how particular products and services are advertised and marketed. Therefore, your success in this professional venture will be largely dependent upon your ability to work with a team of individuals who work in different capacities; communication, team work, delegation of important tasks, and effective prioritizing will be essential.

In some employment situations you may even be expected to work in a role of a project manager. Should this fit your particular situation you can expect to oversee every aspect as it relates to a certain project. For instance, you will likely be in charge of coordinating the technological aspects, the security enhancement as it relates to an online entity, and to assign specific tasks to the most appropriately skilled person. Within the branch of information systems management you may have the chance to work as a LAN/WAN manager. In this capacity you would be responsible for handling a firm’s network and its operation. Thus, the firm’s hardware, software, applications, and all other technological aspects will ultimately be your responsibility.