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What Career Paths Can I Choose From in Criminal Justice or Legal

Are you interested in working in a field that will help make the world a better place? Do you become genuinely irritated at individuals who have little or no respect for the law and what it represents? Are you hoping to do a little online research in order to narrow down your employment options within this industry? If you answered yes to each of these questions, then now is definitely the time to continue your homework session so that you can make a sound decision regarding your professional future.

According to online research those receiving their criminal justice degrees are on the rise and are projected to continue in their growth over the next few years. Since this industry is quite broad in its nature it may serve you well to think about your areas of strength and weakness and to let that guide your decisions about a specific position. In addition, there are many positions within this industry that are on the forefront of the criminal justice fight and that will likely require you to interact with offenders, while many others are considered to be more behind the scenes positions, which are likely to be a little safer in nature.

Let's take a look at some of the career paths that may interest you. First, if you have a solid background in an area of science then perhaps you should consider a career as a forensic scientist. In relation to this profession you could also choose to work in upper level executive positions within the corrections system or within the homeland security organization. However, within the world of criminal justice you would also be able to pursue a position as a law enforcement officer, a police patrol officer, or as a law enforcement individual at a correction center.

Or, perhaps working as a crime scene investigator is more appealing to you and your professional goals. In this professional career path you may be required to process a crime scene and record it with photographs, to prepare reports that accurately record a situation as it is unfolding, to package evidence that is found at a crime scene, and to testify in court when necessary. In order to be successful in this career path it will be important that you can somewhat overlook a disturbing crime scene in order to properly process it secure a conviction.

Another possible career path would be for you to work in the field of social work. In this capacity you will apply a general concern for the welfare of children or other particular family members and then work to help them secure a better situation for themselves. Often, you will facilitate the victim improving upon their relationships, their school situation, and their ability to communicate about their feelings to an appropriate individual. In some cases, a social worker may be able to find employment within a school system, an extended care facility, a hospital, or a nursing home facility. Start by find schools that offer criminal justice career courses and start reaching your goals.