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Are you interested in attending an accredited ABA law school? Does the legal world and all of its entities intrigue you? Have you already completed an undergraduate degree program and now you are ready to begin working on the next phase of your education? If you said yes to each of these questions then you will definitely want to keep reading so that you can learn all that you need to know about your specific legal profession options.

Within the legal world and the educational world, a juris doctorate is used to refer to a professional law degree. By completing a juris doctorate you will be adequately prepared to work in any area of law. Once you have completed a juris doctorate it will be evident that you have successfully undergone a rigorous amount of training so that you will be prepared to sit for the bar exam and to then practice law in any capacity that you choose. Keep in mind, no matter how well you perform during your juris doctorate training (or the fact that you did complete a juris doctorate) you will not be able to practice law unless you have successfully passed the bar exam within the state you live in. It is important to understand that completing your juris doctorate is quite intense; therefore, it is likely to require your undivided attention in order for you to successfully finish your training.

After you have obtained your juris doctorate you will be well qualified to seek employment within a privately owned firm, within a large corporation that consists of numerous lawyers, or you can open your own law practice. Or, perhaps working for a nonprofit agency or in a public service capacity is more aligned with your level of interests. Should you choose to work in a public service position you will likely work as a civil servant or in a political position. In both of these situations you will be considered as an employee of the government. As a lawyer who works for a nonprofit organization it will be up to you to serve the best legal interests of the organization through all individuals who are actively involved.

In addition, no matter which of these you choose to pursue as the perfect employment avenue for you, you will still need to choose an area of the law to practice. For instance, you may choose to focus your work efforts in the area of family law. In this capacity you would spend the majority of your time working with child custody cases, divorce situations, juvenile delinquency acts, or adoption cases. Or, maybe you would be better suited to practice law in criminal proceedings. In this position you can expect to represent individuals who have been charged with a crime and you will be working to free them of these criminal charges. It may also be possible for you to work within the business sector of the law profession. In this position you will work to help a business protect their best interests in practically every area.