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How do I Become a Crime Scene Investigator

With bachelor's degree in hand, you can enter the world of the CSI and help society get those criminals behind bars! This is a fantastic and lucrative career and finding some good universities with forensic science courses will be your start that can launch a career that is both riveting and which helps us all. It's always interesting and there are quite a few specialized fields that you can learn about. Become a crime scene investigator and get started with your career training today! You may find yourself fascinated by composite art creations, lab analysis, medical examination, profiling, and a lot more. Special equipment and lab tests are used to analyze evidence gathered in the field, just like on TV! Just as with any science, there have been some bombs along with the winners, in methods used. Today's high tech methods have been proven and are relied upon all of the time. Old-fashioned knowledge and a lot of the well-proven methods are also used, of course!

The FBI used a method called lead comparison for bullets and this started with the assassination of JFK. Chemical makeup in ammunition was thought to be quite distinct and the FBI used it to try and determine who shooters were. You'd probably learn at universities with forensic science course that this method was thrown out four decades after the assassination. Bite marks were also used as evidence in the past but were shown by experts to be 63% false. This was not a good percentage of success, so it was chucked out also.

Back in Archimedes' day, he wrote about how medicine and entomology were used to solve some crimes. Blood evidence on murder weapons attracted flies and the weapon was then found to be the one used to kill someone. Cause of deaths such as drowning, strangulation, general murder, suicide or accident were known by these old "CSI" investigators. They did their best with what they had and even if one crime was solved, it was better than no crimes being solved. Today's high-tech machines help a lot in solving crimes by analyzing evidence.

Fingerprints as crime evidence were used in Argentina when a bloody one on a door caught the criminal. As you study at one of the universities with forensic science, you'll learn about modern methods as well as ancient and old ones, because they all contributed to the science of forensics. CSI staff are always in demand because our society still has criminals. Even "old-fashioned" CSI methods were used in the Sci-Fi movie The Minority Report, when advanced psychic pre-crime solvers were found to be wrong. The field of forensic science is extremely important in today's complex world of crime solving. Crimes themselves can be complex and high tech. Methods employed to solve them have to be the same, some of the time. Become a CSI specialist and find one of the top forensic science colleges to learn at. You'll feel on top of the world when you help to solve your first crime! Make a difference and learn all about the exciting world of forensic science and crime solution.