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Just a few short years ago if you had mentioned to someone that you were going to be working in Homeland Security they may have looked at you like you were crazy. They may even have given you a perplexed look that was followed by a question regarding what homeland security is. However, because of terrorist attacks and increased security needs that are evident throughout our country, in today's world this is actually a viable area for you to consider seeking employment. Even though you have somewhat chosen this as your chosen professional direction, are you still a little unsure about what you can expect your work days to be like? Find homeland security training courses here.

First things first, by working in a position of Homeland Security you will actually be employed by the government. In fact, the Department of Homeland Security is actually made up of several different agencies and departments, such as the Office of the Inspector General, the United States Secret Service, the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In fact, no matter which of these capacities you actually become employed within, there is almost a guarantee that you will have a wide variety of positions to choose from. For instance, there will surely be entry level positions, secretarial type positions, administrative, upper level positions, and architectural type positions. Keep in mind, no matter where you live there are sure to be at least some positions that are actively employed within the Department of Homeland Security. Of course, as with many other professions, larger, more metropolitan cities will likely have more active positions than a smaller, rural area.

Although you do not have to have a specific area of specialty in order to become employed by Homeland Security, having an area that you are somewhat of an expert in is likely to help you stand out against fellow job seekers. In addition, it is extremely likely that a person who has practically any level of educational training or degree will be qualified for a position within this governmental department. For instance, if you have a high school diploma you will likely be qualified to apply for a clerically based position, while someone who has completed an undergraduate level degree program may be able to obtain an executive level position. Depending upon your location, you may also have the opportunity to receive on the job training that is pertinent to your prospective position. Other training options for potential employees may include internships, fellowships, or apprenticeships.

While your rate of pay will vary greatly depending upon your location, your specific position, and your training and background, you can certainly expect to have a decent salary. In addition to your monetary wage you will also be considered as a government employee, which will make it possible for you to have insurance, retirement benefits, paid time off, and a flexible schedule. Be sure to research any of the homeland security schools listed on our Criminal Justice main section. Keep in mind, while you may secure employment in this industry in one position, it is plausible for you to advance into another position as you gain experience or increase your level of education. Many schools offer police officer training online!