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Will I Enjoy Being an Administrative Secretary?

Do you think you have what it takes to be someone's right hand person? Are you organized and able to multi-task in order to shuffle the most important tasks to the top of the list, allowing a business to operate in a proficient manner? Whether or not you have completed any schooling yet to prepare for this career, working to become an administrative secretary is a great professional plan! However, it is important to understand that in this professional capacity your specific responsibilities are likely to vary from one company to another. Therefore, you should somewhat keep an open mind regarding what your specific professional environment will be like. Start you legal studies degree today.

In your capacity as an legal administrative secretary you can likely expect to be assigned to one particular department or one high ranking executive within the company you work for. In addition to your responsibilities to this executive or this department, you may also be asked to oversee individuals who are considered to be lower ranking than you. At different times this may include individuals who work on a part-time basis or receptionists. Generally speaking, you can expect to be required to be computer literate and able to use a variety of software programs, to be able to communicate effectively with other company employees, as well as clients or customers of the business. If you are serious about your legal studies then get started on a degree today. Depending on your specific assigned position, you may also be expected to handle an executive's travel arrangements, scheduling of upcoming meetings, and any research that the upper level executive may need to have conducted. You may also be expected to handle dictation that is related to your department's daily functions. Keep in mind, if you work as an administrative secretary in the medical field, then you may be expected to have some experience or knowledge related to medical terminology, medical billing, and medical coding.

In some larger corporations you may find that someone with your training is qualified to work in areas such as legal, human resources, or accounting. Within each of these departments you may be required to take care of mail that comes in or goes out from this office, for filing, correspondence that takes place with other departments or other companies, and for answering the telephone. In addition, you may be expected to deal directly with any clients or customers who come through the specific department that you work for, or to serve as a liaison between your department and other departments that exist within the company.

It is important to understand that as an administrative secretary you will spend the large majority of your day sitting at a desk, or working in an office or cubicle. You will need to be comfortable working in one position for extended lengths of time and may be required to look at a computer screen for long periods of time. In this position it will be important that you have great people skills that will make it possible to deal with a wide range of individuals. You will also need to have great time management skills that make it possible for you to work efficiently.