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Find Acredited Catering Careert Training Schools

Find Acredited Catering Careert Training Schools

Make an event truly special by catering! Individuals can find fast-paced and rewarding careers in catering with the help of an associate degree in professional catering. Caterers are typically self-motivated and extremely creative professionals that exhibit excellent customer service skills and a variety of cooking talents. They display culinary expertise with a thorough understanding of food preparation and presentation and the ability to coordinate inventory and supplies. They are also quite knowledgeable in management, sales, budgeting, marketing, and logistics. Caterers prepare food in bulk and serve it at corporate events, private parties, weddings, and other special occasions while controlling the style and presentation of their products. Therefore, not only do they provide tasty food, but they also ensure beautiful displays. Choose between certificate or degree granting catering training.

The foodservice industry experiences continual growth and in turn produces a high demand for professional caterers. The planning, cooking, and presentation skills obtained in catering programs can help market graduates and their qualifications to dozens of different employers in the highly competitive catering industry. Catering school graduates obtain the credentials to work in catering companies, residential colleges and schools, and prestigious hotels, clubs, restaurants, and resorts, cooking and serving food around the world. Caterers with a passion for pastry baking and cooking may also pursue private chef positions. Others choose jobs in event and party planning while some manage hotel banquets. Many enjoy the challenges of catering and find satisfaction within self-employment. An associate degree in professional catering can provide caterers with a fast track to success as an independent entrepreneur.

Catering degree programs extensively educate students from food creation to professional business practices with classroom instruction and kitchen experiences. Students learn how to work in and organize large catering operations for hospitals, businesses, and schools. These programs build students’ foodservice and hospitality backgrounds and enable them to establish a network of peers and professors. Many degree programs also include internships at actual catering companies or local hotels where students can receive hands-on training to develop their talents and skills in food serving and preparation. These programs also teach students how to create solid business models, build clientele, manage employees, plan events, properly purchase and transport food and supplies, and present food in a professional manner. Catering school programs also show students how to comprehend the latest culinary industry trends and news. Start your catering career training from an accredited college.

Students learn about modern food preparation techniques, culinary theory, nutrition, recipe and food selection, menu design, wine, beer, and spirits, and other key areas within culinary arts. Students also take classes pertaining to kitchen operations, food and beverage service, etiquette, sanitation and safety, and food storage and purchasing. Baking and pastry arts, cooking principles and techniques, special diet food preparation, creative food presentation, and catering business principles are additional topics incorporated into catering educational programs. Other courses offered in business and staff management, personnel matters, scheduling, media and event planning, financial planning, cost control, inventory and budgeting, and beverage management, help train students in the actual business of catering.