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Getting Your Six Sigma Training Certification

Did someone recently tell you that they were a six sigma and instead of letting on that you had no clue what they were talking about, you nodded your head like you knew exactly what they were talking about? Did you instantly add ‘finding out all you could about six sigma’ as one of the top items on your priority list? If you said yes to each of these questions, then you will definitely want to continue reading so that you can discover all that you need to know about obtaining your six sigma certification.

An ideal six sigma candidate will have completed a minimum of an undergraduate business degree. It will also be important that you have a keen sense of detail and how even the smallest of details can affect how a business operates, that you have solid writing skills, that you are a capable problem solver, that you can communicate effectively with your peers and colleagues, and that you possess the ability to analyze even the toughest of situations. As a six sigma you would play a vital role in how efficiently a business operates and you would be expected to report your work efforts to the vice president of operations within the company. Generally speaking, a six sigma candidate will have an extensive knowledge of many different computer software programs and you will probably have multiple years of experience within the business world. Get your black belt six sigma course training started here.

The concept of six sigma was created by a company as a means to make their operation run more efficiently and more cost effectively. Ultimately, the business owners saw that by incorporating six sigma, their profit margins increased and there were fewer errors and defects being found in their products. After a significant positive demonstration of the abilities of six sigma, other large corporations began to adopt this business plan and to implement it into their own business operations.

As the employees of a specific corporation begin obtaining their certification in six sigma, it is important to note that there are several different levels that can be completed. Ideally, an employee will become certified in six sigma based on their performance in certain skill areas and their years of relevant experience. Six sigma training certification is ranked similar to that of karate, with employees ranging from the least experienced (green belt), to black belt, to master black belt, and finally, to champion level (which is the highest level that can be achieved). Typically, employees obtain six sigma certifications by taking courses that cover topics related to the level of certification that they are attempting to complete. For instance, if you are working to obtain a master black belt certification, your course is likely to include topics such as distributional analysis, destructive testing, methods of regression, variation, and experimentation techniques. Within this certification program you can also expect to learn more about financial issues, management methods, and aspects of effective leadership that should be implemented