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Degree in Sports Medicine Management

Degree in Sports Medicine Management

This is America, the land of Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and Baseball. Therefore, a career in sports has to constitute one of the most alluring careers that can be imagined. Sport Management, when you consider the average salary of baseball players becomes almost irresistible. The pathways to this career are varied. There are educational certification programs that will get you started in under a year. You can elect for a full degree program in business and management and specialize in the sports industry. This is not hard to find as most colleges and universities have sports medicine degree major and minor.

If you are a coach and have a desire to move to a new segment of the industry a certification program might be your ideal scenario. If you’re just starting out and you are completely starry-eyed about professional sports then the education is waiting for you to devote your life to your chosen profession. Almost all accredited institutions offers Bachelor of Sports Science (B.S.S.), Master of Sports Science (M.S.S.) and Doctor of Education in Sports Management (Ed.D.) degrees. As an Undergraduate, you might choose to major in Sports Management, Sports Coaching, or Sports Studies. Imagine having a science degree in sports.


Well, it would be an understatement to say that your career will be exciting, fascinating and the envy of all your peers. The best current estimates are that there are 140,000 employed in Sports Management. You will find people in marketing, sports administration, event planning, private club management, or resort management. Sales positions at major and minor league teams are easier to get with a degree or certification in sports management. Salaries are generally in the range of $40,000 to $50,000 but that can vary widely depending upon where you decide to go. The top end if the industry is, of course professional sports and salaries there range in the upper band. Competition for those positions is strong to put it mildly. Community sports are a fast growing segment of the market as well. Find fitness programs today and get a jump start in the industry.


The sports industry accounts for $410 billion dollars annually. Total employment is currently about 1.3 million. Is it growing, yes! The rate of growth is governed by the general tone and trends of the economy but sports are always strong. Remember, this includes the health clubs, resorts, neighborhood team organizations, and many others. There are new trends in the industry that presage significant growth such and the merger of sports and entertainment, the Internet, and international sports. There will be strong continuing growth in the industry for some time to come. Imagine how popular you’ll be as a professional manager on game day.