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How to Become a Great Dental Hygienist

How to Become a Great Dental Hygienist

Dental Assistant Schools are available for anyone wanting to become a certified dental assistant. In order to attend an accredited dental assistant school and work toward a certification in dental assisting, one must meet certain basic prerequisites. Some of the requirements for enrollment and or success are having a high school degree; background in biology, chemistry and basic office practices; basic computer knowledge and skills; excellent customer service background and many more.

Depending on your experience, past education and area of study, different types of dental assistant programs are available at dental assistant schools to meet your needs and background. Though there are several different programs available that offer shorter time to complete a certification, the American Dental Association usually will not recognize a program completed from one of the many dental assistant schools that lasts less than one year. Most laws for most of the United States require that a person finish their certification through The Dental Assisting National Board and pass an exam so they can obtain their certification. Curriculum taught at most dental assistant schools consist of laboratory tests and or skills, classroom lessons, preclinical instruction, dental assisting skills, dental software education, and office management skills will all be helpful in training for the duties that may be required in any dental office.

Some of the specific skills taught at any dental assistant school are counting and positioning of teeth; cross sections of teeth or the anatomy of a tooth; mixing certain ingredients like fillings or cleaning ingredients; proper X-Ray training; basic safety protocols; and knowledge of all of the instruments and equipment, etc. and passing them to the dentist. These are just some of the many skills and tasks a dental assistant will be able to carry out once they complete their certification, but most of the hands-on work is learned on the actual job.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 295,300 dental hygienists jobs were held in 2012. It is expected to continue to be an in demand job because most dentists want to be able to perform more extensive procedures which would require very skilled dental assistants. By 2020 it is predicted that there will be a 36% increase in dental assistant positions needed due to the preventative methods of better tooth care in the future.

Dental assistants have a very important role in a dentist office which shows the need of up-to-date training and certification. The dental health industry is overall a very influential aspect of people’s lives. Promoting the overall health of teeth and endorsing daily oral care will be a daily mission along with assisting a dentist with many other things. In order to become a skilled and experienced dental assistant, those skills must be developed and trained by proper education, real-life scenarios, and qualified instructors. Finding the right dental hygiene school amongst the countless dental assistant schools is not difficult as long as you know your state’s requirements for obtaining certification, where you’d like to work and any other dental health care goals when becoming a dental assistant.