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Learn More About What a Career is Like as a Dental Office Assistant

Learn More About What a Career is Like as a Dental Office Assistant

Are you ready to begin training for your future career? Have you narrowed down your choices to something in the dental field? Are you eager to begin working and earning an income, so you would prefer to not be required to attend school for an extended period of time? If you answered yes to each of these career related questions, then a career as a dental assistant is likely to be an ideal choice for you. Continue reading below to learn just what you can expect should you decide to follow this career path. In addition, current online research shows that this career path is projected to experience a continuous growth over the next several years. Therefore, now is a great time to complete the necessary requirements that will allow you to begin working in your dream job position!

On an everyday basis in your capacity as a dental assistant you can expect to be required to take care of administrative or clerical type duties as well as dental related duties for patients. For instance, it may be your responsibility to schedule appointments, answer telephones, maintain patient’s records, order supplies to keep a sufficient amount of stock, and to take and record payments made by patients. In relation to the actual dental procedures that are performed, it will be your responsibility to prepare the patient for the dentist. In addition, it is likely to be your duty to develop x-rays that are taken of the patients, to prepare compounds that are used for tooth fillings or cleanings, and to sterilize equipment before and after it is used. In some cases, you may be asked to make impressions of a patient’s teeth or mouth or to operate the suction hose during a dental procedure. Furthermore, almost all dental assistants are expected to directly assist the dentist by handing them the proper tools and materials that he or she needs during a dental procedure.

Although it is not always a requirement, some dental assistants are required to work alongside dental hygienists to help them perform teeth cleanings or other necessary dental procedures. For instance, your help may be necessary should there be a difficult patient to deal with as a dental cleaning or a procedure is being performed. Once you have completed your dental office training program you will be able to work within a privately owned dentist office. Often, one dental assistant may be utilized by more than one dentist who shares a dental office. In addition, it is also possible for a dental office assistant to find employment in venues such as hospitals, public health clinics, or even at dental schools to teach aspiring dental assistants. While there is a definite need for dental assistants in this industry, it is also completely feasible for you to consider returning to school in order to become qualified to work as a dental hygienist. In fact, it may be possible for dental assistants to further their education while maintaining their current employment status.