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International Business and Career Training Information

International Business and Career Training Information

Globalization has been one of the most defining trends in the development of human society of the 20th century, From International Business Law, to Logistics to Macroeconomics. This field is one of the elite disciplines of the business world. This is where performance is measured in trillions of dollars and the "big picture" has real meaning. A Bachelor’s Degree in this field is the beginning of a truly world class career in a very powerful and prestigious arena. Start with a Business Degree, Add International Business Finance, Macro-economic theory, International Business Law, International Marketing Strategy, and advanced mathematics and then you will have a good over-view of what to expect as you start down the road. Consider that studding foreign languages is not a plus but a requirement at many institutions! A Bachelor’s Degree is just the beginning. A Masters Degree is highly recommended, as the competition in this field is fierce to say the least! The demands are high but the rewards and satisfaction is higher by far. Your academic credentials will have to be a priority strong SAT's and ACT's are highly recommended. Once you complete your requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree level, you will then have the opportunity to select one of many specializations available.


With the perspective that you now have you should have a feel for the kind of career you can expect to have in this elite profession. What kind of jobs do you imagine you will be pursuing with a formal education in Macroeconomics, International Banking, and Risk Management and with at least one foreign language under your belt? As to salary, in the case of economists the average salary hovers around $83,000. With Scales for those in the International sector expected to hover in the higher echelons near to $140,000 and above. For Financial Analysts in general the expected average is in excess of $73,000 and the International sector being in the top 10% with over $130,000! In addition, growth rates of 20% or higher over the next 10 years. You will be a direct part of the engine that is fueling the construction of the 21st century economy and that is only beginning. Your career will be exciting and very rewarding indeed.


Few, if any industries are not internationalizing. From manufacturing to services, banking to technology, nearly every business is, or will be, international. The growth of this sector is guaranteed. With labor cost differences and the rapid modernization of Third World countries, Energy market shifts, Climate change and so many others you will be entering a field that is expanding every year. Even considering the global recession World growth is projected at 4% for 2011. This insures that demand for individuals with the advanced education and qualifications will be very strong. Business opportunities for those seeking to begin their own empire have never been more promising. The future is being built and International Business experts are the engineers!


As mentioned above this is a highly competitive marketing and always expanding and growing. When dealing internationally you’ll need to be at the top of your game as so many people are fighting for top positions at companies. When looking for an international relations degree we recommend finding a college that offers programs ranging from an AA degree to MBA. This will allow you to enter in at the level you need to start at and continue with the same school for your duration of your training.