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Do you Love Children and Would Like to Train in Child Psychology

Do you Love Children and Would Like to Train in Child Psychology

Are you nearing completion of your child psychology degree program in an area of child psychology? Are you anxious to begin working on your new career path, but you are discovering that you really aren’t sure just what type of positions that you will be qualified to pursue? Are you trying to do your homework now, so that once you receive your diploma you will be ready to hit the ground running in your new profession? That is definitely a great plan; keep reading below to learn what options you will have to consider once you have that diploma in your hands. It is important to understand that while you will have numerous options with an undergraduate degree in the field of child psychology, your career options will certainly greatly increase should you complete a graduate or doctorate level degree program. However, in many employment situations it may be possible for you to begin working in one position or capacity and to then further your level of education while also gaining valuable work experience in the real world.

With a doctorate level of educational training it may be possible for you to work in a capacity of a child psychologist. In a position such as this you will find yourself working with children who are dealing with social disorders, behavioral disorders, and mental illnesses. No matter whether you choose to work within an area of law enforcement, a social welfare organization, a particular governmental agency, a hospital, or a rehabilitation center you will be expected to provide treatment to help children be better able to cope with their issues. Or, perhaps working as a counseling psychologist sounds like a more appealing option for you. While in many situations you will also need a doctorate level degree to work in a position such as this, there are also venues that will be interested in you with only an undergraduate degree. In a position of a counseling psychologist you will be expected to develop, implement, and analyze counseling programs that will help your patients deal with issues that are related to mental or social disorders. Ideally, your work will be used to help children learn methods of coping that they will be able to use on a daily basis far into their future.

Another option you will definitely want to consider is to become a school psychologist. Although it is most common for individuals in this type of position to work with high school age children, in some cases you may find employment working with middle school age children or elementary age children. Generally speaking, you will find yourself working with students to help them with issues such as behavioral problems that are interfering with their education, learning disabilities that are making the learning process more difficult, or issues that are related to a student making necessary adjustments within their life. Keep in mind, these are not the only employment options within this field; therefore, if none of these options particularly appeal to you then you will want to continue your search. .