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Learn the Art of Landscaping for your New Career

Learn the Art of Landscaping for your New Career

Do you enjoy working outdoors? Do you find that you are most happy when you can get your hands dirty as you exercise your green thumb? Are you thinking that you should use this natural passion that you have to direct the most important choices about your professional future? Are you ready to jump in to this occupation feet first, but you are feeling like first you should make sure that you know what is actually involved in this career path? Well, you are definitely traveling on the track to success; doing your homework about this prospective career will help to ensure that you are well versed on the ins and outs of what you can expect on a daily basis.

One particular area that you will surely want to consider is to work in landscape design. In a position such as this you will spend the majority of your time developing landscaping designs for a wide variety of spaces. In some situations you may be working with residential structures, while at other times you may be designing for parks or recreational areas or commercial properties. Similarly, in some cases you will be working with an individual who owns the property, while at other times you will be expected to coordinate and work with a group of people who are involved in the landscaping process. Keep in mind, not only will you be creating the design for a particular space, you will also be responsible for ensuring that the design is carried out as per your instructions. It may also be your responsibility to take care of ordering the necessary landscaping materials that will be used to bring your design to life.

Or, perhaps you will be more interested in pursuing a career as a landscape architect. While many of the job duties of this career path are similar to that of a landscape designer, you will also find yourself responsible for some of the hard scape for a structure. For instance, as a landscape architect you will be expected to help design the layout of sidewalks, roads, fountains, or other structures and how they will correlate with the soft scape of the overall design. In some cases, your expertise may even be used to help with designing the restoration efforts of areas like wetlands or forests. Either way you’ll need to find a landscaping design course so you can receive the proper training.

Another viable possibility would be for you to work as a horticulture specialist. In a position such as this you would be a great candidate to work for large landscaping firms to lend your input regarding proper landscaping selections based on climate and location. In today’s market place there is a large demand for individuals in this industry who are specializing in green landscape design. In a position as a green landscape designer you would work with the primary goal being to create designs that are beneficial to our environment and that utilize recycled products as much as possible. While these few career options do not represent a conclusive list of what you can consider within this industry, these are the most popular choices that you will want to check out.