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Have you wanted to work in a corporate environment as a secretary or administrative assistant, but needed the proper executive secretary training to get the job? If so then the timing couldn't be more perfect as executive assistants are in demand. You will be taught the skills necessary to be successful administrative assistant. Skills you'll learn include: proper telephone usage, mail services and shipping, travel arrangements, how to keep accurate records, office machines, telecommunications equipment, computer systems, keyboarding skills, word processing, spelling and much more. With these skills you will be ready for your new career. Don't hesitate and get started today and become an executive secretary, training is online. The great thing about a career as an executive secretary or secretary is that almost every company needs this type of position in order to run their business. It doesn’t matter of the size of the business, they all need assistants to handle the day-do-day interactions with customers and or clients. If you are in retail, your job is taking care of customers. If you’re in an office job then you might be in charge of business communications between clients. As an administrative assist you will learn how to handle customers as well as customer service issues that come up each and every day. Get the secretary training you need from the top schools to have a successful career.

In this career you’re not just performing single specialized task rather administrative assistants often have daily responsibilities that change with the needs of the specific job and the employer. As an AA you will spend your days filing or typing as well as entering data at a computer terminal. For good executive secretary training you'll also learn to operate photocopiers, fax machines, prepare mailings; proofread copies and answer telephones and deliver messages. The above executive secretary training courses will be the perfect fit. As you get more experienced the level of our tasks increase and so does your salary. An inexperienced employee makes photocopies, stuff envelopes, or records inquiries where experienced clerks usually are given additional responsibilities and deal with upper management. You might even maintain financial or other records, set up spreadsheets, verify statistical reports for accuracy and completeness, work with vendors, make travel arrangements, take inventory of equipment and supplies and answer questions on departmental services and functions.

Choosing an Administrative Assistant Career

As the world economy continues to walk on the path of improvement, numerous companies seemed to have sprung up, determined to continue such an expansion. As a result, companies have started to need help in order to stay organized. This is where administrative assistants come into play, and they play an invaluable role in helping the company to run smoothly. If you plan on taking up such a job, you'll need to stay updated with your communications skills as well as computer skills to show the employer that you have the ability to make sure that the company stays on track. As a secretary, you will be making an average of $13 for each hour you put in. Meanwhile, executive, as well as administrative assistants can make as many as $30 for one hour. You will be spending a major chunk of your time in front of a computer and having a higher education will help you get a much higher paying job.
What duties does an administrative assistant have?
Your job as a secretary or an administrative assistant involves you structuring someone else’s day. This means that you will have to coordinate all the appointment, take messages on their behalf, and send email as well. Those administrative assistant jobs that are office based like a secretary or receptionist also involves a number of other various tasks like delivering mail, answering the general phone line, collating, and copying. However, such jobs are quite basic and entry-level jobs, thus, they need a comparatively less experience. Like the majority of the front office jobs, you will have to spend most of your time typing sitting in front a computer. So, if you don’t want to sit around all day or put yourself at a risk of back problems or eye strain, then this job is not suitable for you. Moreover, to be an administrative assistant, you need to be highly-motivated and have a keen eye for minute details. You should also not be distracted easily by other websites like Facebook or Twitter. By having access to a computer means that you can easily be distracted and end up with a lot of pending work.
Amount of money that administrative assistants make
On average, the hourly pay for almost all of the administrative assistant jobs is $20 for every hour. However, the salary differs according to the location and the experience. In fact, the skill level of an individual is the biggest factor in determining the money he or she makes. For example, the people employed in office support or secretarial roles make almost $13 for every hour while executive assistants can make more than $30 every hour. According to a report from May 2015, the average annual salary for administrative assistants was almost $34,000.
What education do you need to become an administrative assistant?
For the majority of the entry-level positions for administrative assistants, you only require a GED or a high school diploma. Moreover, you also need a few basic skills. In fact, there are one-year and two-year vocational programs that are available for further training for those wanting to pursue office administrative roles. With the skills gained in these courses, you can quickly make your way to the top! Today, however, various employers that are looking for administrative assistants and executive secretaries are starting to prefer those that have a college degree. Since the secretaries have to work quite closely with executives, having a degree that is related to the company’s business would be an additional bonus. So, in short, a degree isn’t always required to take up a job as an administrative assistant. It is just preferred as it helps to get a better paying job.
Other careers that you can take as administrative assistants
As an administrative assistant, there is no sure or straight path that you can walk on to advance. Those who are experienced can apply for more advanced positions in the administration department that come with greater responsibilities like office manager jobs. Similarly, individuals that aim to learn about the operations and the ins and outs of the company while committing themselves to enhance their skills have a high chance of being promoted to senior positions or manager roles.
What is the job outlook for jobs as administrative assistants?
The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the opportunities for administrative assistant will continue to grow at only an average pace. However, some of the rapidly growing fields like social services and health care do need administrative assistants for support during growth. Moreover, the increase in the use of automation and technology is not a threat to such jobs and will not make administrative roles obsolete. In fact, assistants will only become more productive. A Bureau of Labor Statistics survey conducted in 2014 project that almost 4 million people had been employed as administrative assistant and secretaries. By the year 2024, the rate of employment is expected to increase by 3%. It is also expected that the growth will be the fastest in economic sectors like education or healthcare. The most potential employers you should look out for are financial institutions, government agencies, colleges, and elementary and secondary schools.

Steps to Becoming an Administrative Assistant

1. Start preparing yourself in high school
According to a survey, the highest education that 39% of the administrative assistants have is just a high school diploma. If your high school provides vocational training programs in business office skills and computer applications, then you should enroll yourselves in those. As a result, you will start to learn some of the administrative support and clerical tasks you will have to perform as administrative assistants. Moreover, enrolling yourself in English courses can also help to develop the written and verbal communications skills.
2. Get a degree or certification
Associate’s degrees, as well as certificates, can be obtained from vocational or community colleges. Programs at both the levels teach you about office procedures, business communications, and basic computer maintenance. Such programs also introduce you to applications that encourage business productivity. Some associate’s degree program may also cover business law, accounting, and human resources management. You can get the certificates in just a year while getting an associate’s degree takes two years.
3. Get yourself certified
Getting yourself certified would improve where you stand professionally, and it could also help you to demand a higher salary, however, getting certified isn’t a necessity. To get certified, you will have to sit for an exam. Some of the topics that are generally covered in such exams include communication, records management, planning, and organization. After you have gained some work experience, look for widely recognized institutions to get certification. Two of the most widely recognized credentials you can get are CAP – Certified Administrative Professional, and CVA – Certified Virtual Assistant.
4. Make advancements in your career
All the knowledge that you gain about the business operations of the company you work for can provide a strong base for advancing. In fact, you can become an executive secretary, a clerical supervisor, or even an office manager! You could also be promoted to a position as an instructor or a trainer responsible for assorted clerical works. Similarly, you could also become a sales rep for computer software and hardware companies.

How You Can Prepare to Becom an Administrative Assistant

1. Graduate high School
The first step to becoming an administrative assistant is to pass out from a high school. You only need some training and a diploma from high school to apply for the entry-level jobs. Having a college degree, as mentioned previously is not required, however, having some training from a community college or a technical school can make you stand out from among the rest of the applicants.
2. Become well-versed in typing
You should also work on increasing your typing accuracy and speed by enrolling yourself in a keyboarding course. Such courses are available online, as well as in community colleges, vocational schools, and technical schools. Your goal should be to learn touch-typing which basically means that you should try to gain the ability to read the text and typing it without looking at the keyboard. You should also be well aware of how to save, edit, and create documents. Also, use timers as they help you to increase, as well as accurately count the number of works you can type in a minute. This count is quite meaningful for your employer when he or she interviews you for an administrative role.
3. Get to know your industry
Train yourself for the particulars of the industry you plan to work in. If you want to become a secretary in a particular industry, then it will be helpful if you make yourself familiar with the terminologies and practices that are commonly used in the industry. For instance, legal secretaries and those involved in the medical industry should know the codes and terminologies depending on the field they choose to work in.
4. Do an IT course
Make sure that you familiarize yourself with informational technology. Doing a course in IT will help you to learn about the various software programs that you will have to use as a secretary. Computer technology is constantly expanding and keeping up to date will only be beneficial for you. So, aim to keep updated with all the changes happening in the computer world by enrolling yourself in an IT course at a technical school or you can even finish the course from a local college. Your main focus should be to become familiar with all of those programs that are part of Microsoft Office. Mainly, focus on Power Point so that you know everything about making and editing presentations, Excel to learn about spreadsheets, and Word to learn word processing.
5. Get ready for hands on learning
Be ready to learn while you're on the job. The majority of your training will take place in the office once you start working. Be prepared for a lot of learning in the first few months of becoming an administrative assistant. Remember, that every office functions in a different manner and each office has its own expectation, needs, and style. You need to have patience, and you must be open to listening to instructions, as well as be able to do the required corrections. Don't hesitate to ask questions and appreciate any feedback you get. You must know if the work you're handing in meets the expectations or not. Always ask your supervisor to guide you on how to improve. Ask your boss to have a check-in meeting after working for a few months to assess the training you've got while on the job and to track the improvement you've made.
How to apply for an administrative assistant job?
1. Make your resume
Keep in mind that your resume must be concise and very well-organized. It should clearly state your name along with the contact information. Then, it must also list the experience you have, the skills you possess, and the training you’ve received. Make it as easy to read as possible by making organized and clear columns in every section. In your resume, list down all those software programs you are well-versed in. Never skip volunteer work from your resume. It might seem that volunteer work is not related to office work; however, it projects your altruism and makes you look trustworthy. Read and re-read your resume to make sure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. This is quite vital as your job as an administrative assistant involves you communicating efficiently by using memos and words.
2. Write an exceptional cover letter
Make sure that the cover letter you write expresses the interest you have in becoming an administrative assistant. It should also highlight the skills that will help you be an excellent employee. Don’t forget to mention any course you’ve taken or experience you’ve gained to prepare yourself for this position. However, do make sure that you personalize the letter that you will be sending to the office. Most importantly, mention the things you appreciate the most about their business. Also, make sure to include the things that are missing from your resume. A cover letter is a great place for showcasing the active communication skills you possess, as well as your readiness to learn while on the job.
3. Create a network
Have a strong network with people you know that are in the same field as it increases the chances of you being hired. It is quite beneficial if there is someone in the office who personally recommends you to the human resource management department. Plus, taking to the others in the same field helps you get an idea of how a typical day at work would be like. People already in the field can provide you with tips and make you aware of the expectations so that you can succeed. In fact, someone might just bring a great job opening to your notice. Inform people that you are interested in becoming an administrative assistant. Apart from talking about it with your family or friends, also put it out on social media websites and ask people to connect you with others already working in the field.
4. Submit your resume
Send out your resume and cover letter to companies you are interested in. You can even submit the resume using the various online sites. First, look for those companies that interest you the most and send them your resume first. It is important to find a firm that you are highly interested in as you are more likely to project passion and positivity for a company you are more passionate about. Making use of online sites is the first step towards showcasing the technical know-how you have. Take as much time as you need, however, ensure that you use the features of the site efficiently and navigate it well. Make a profile on LinkedIn and keep on updating your profile as you continue to gain experience and take on more courses. Alternatively, you can also apply in person. Applying online and keeping your profile updated online does show how tech savvy you are, however, applying personally increases the chance of you getting the job. Pick out a couple of places that you would like to work in. Visit those places during work hours and submit your resume. When visiting the office to hand in your resume, have an energetic and positive presence. Be on your best behavior and pass on a smile to everyone you cross. Of course, the employers will still want a digital resume. So, also submit your resume via email or their online system.

The Skills You Need to Become a Good Administrative Assistant

If you are planning to become an administrative assistant and you possess the following personality traits and skills, then you will surely succeed.
• Integrity and honesty
You need to be brutally honest and must possess integrity. As an administrative assistant, you will have to handle private, personal, and sensitive information. This will include legal documents, medical records, as well as personal identification information like bank account details and social security numbers.
You need to prove to the employer that you can be fully trusted with such crucial information. You can list down your experience like volunteering work so that it projects your altruism. Provide professional, as well as a personal reference that the potential employer can contact to learn about how trustworthy you are.
• Effective communication skills
You must also know how to communicate in a professional environment effectively. As an administrative assistant, you will have to interact with not only the other people working in the office but also with the clients. Your communication skills need to be effective as well as personable. Moreover, they should also create a positive work atmosphere.
• Friendliness
You should also interact in a friendly and positive manner with all the people you come across. Remember that this includes even those you meet before your interview.
• Active listening skills
To succeed as an administrative assistant, you must have exceptional listening skills. You must focus on what the other person is saying without making any interruptions. Also, repeat some of the things they said so that they know that you were listening closely and that you understand what they are saying.
• Calm
You should also know how to stay calm under pressure and stress. You should be aware of some stalling tactics that you can use to calm yourself. You should also know how to insert humor in an appropriate manner to keep yourself calm.
• Organizational skills
Organizational capability is a crucial part of your job as an administrative assistant. This includes keeping track of schedules, data, folders, and files. Put all your paperwork including reference letters and resume in a folder and know where you've put them so that you can access them quickly. Also, show your planning and organization skills with basic preparation such as carrying your own pen.
• Punctuality
Punctuality is a crucial trait and is needed the most as one delay can cost the business a lot! Always wear a watch and closely monitor time.
• Efficiency
You should be able to use the resources you have access to efficiently. Moreover, you should also be able to judge your performance capacity based on the budget, materials, and people power. You must have the ability to use your resources to come up with an outcome you desire. You should also be open to feedback from the staff, coworkers, and clients so that you can make changes to the strategies you use accordingly.

Since administrative assistants generally have a high school diploma, there are other jobs that they can go for as well like bookkeeping clerk, general office clerk, and receptionist. The duties of a receptionist are quite similar to the duties of an administrative assistant like maintaining files, greeting visitors, answering phone calls, and scheduling appointments. Similarly, general office clerks are responsible for creating reports, typing, and filing. Meanwhile, the bookkeeping clerks create financial reports and financial statements and manage transactions and files.


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