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Do you have a knack for balancing even the most difficult checkbooks? Do you thrive in working with numbers? If you said yes to each of these questions then a career as a bookkeeper may be a perfect fit for you! A bookkeeper is responsible for all of the financial record keeping for a business. This will include reporting income, recording expenses, documenting accounts receivable and accounts payable. Depending upon your place of employment, you may be required to enter the income and expenses in a ledger or you may be expected to use computer software to enter relevant information. It will be important that your records are consistently accurate and that you stay up to date so that at any time figures can be provided to upper level management. As a bookkeeper you will play a major role in the success of the business you work for. This is largely due to the fact that you will keep track of the company’s profits and losses, which the company can use to make more efficient decisions. You may also be asked to compare figures from one year to another to determine how the company is performing financially. Start your bookkeeping training started today.

Although it is not necessary for you to obtain a formal degree in order to become a bookkeeper, some level of formal training will likely make you more marketable in the work force. Of course, you must have completed the high school requirements that are necessary to obtain your diploma or the equivalent. It is also a good idea to become a certified bookkeeper and to familiarize yourself with popular computer software programs that many companies use to keep track of their bookkeeping. Should you decide to obtain your associate’s degree (which is a common choice for aspiring bookkeepers) you will likely spend time learning about computer software programs like PeachTree and Quickbooks. As you work on your degree program you will likely be required to complete courses such as business mathematics, keyboarding, English, payroll preparation, legal issues of business, bookkeeping software, and basic accounting. You should also expect to be required to complete an internship or an externship. This will give you the chance to apply the skills you have been learning in the classroom into a real world format. Successful completion of an internship will also be a great addition to your resume. Research any of the schools you see on our site that interest you and they will send you a free information packet. Other common occupational choices that are related to bookkeeping are an accountant, an accounting executive, or a payroll clerk. Keep in mind, for some of these similar professions you may be required to further your educational degree.


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