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If you decide to work in an area of E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce, you will be working with individuals who are responsible for designing, implementing, and performing all of the maintenance that is needed on a company’s web systems. If you work in a managerial capacity in this industry you will be in charge of developing a plan that is directly aligned with the company’s mission statement in relation to the sale of products and services online. You may also be expected to handle business to business sales, business to consumer sales, and consumer to consumer relationships. E-commerce is a growing field and now would be a great time for you to obtain the necessary education and enter this marketplace. More and more businesses are utilizing online ordering systems; therefore, the role of an e-commerce manager has become an integral part of the success of a company. Furthermore, this occupation is projected to continue growing over the next few years. While your specific job responsibilities will vary slightly depending upon your employer, you should expect to be required to choose an appropriate website format, to develop affiliate marketing programs, to implement effective online security, to coordinate online transactions and marketing ploys, and to work to reduce the amount of money that is spent on shipping costs. Research more ecommerce schools below.

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To be eligible to seek employment in the world of e-commerce you will want to obtain your bachelor’s degree in an area such as internet marketing, marketing, general management, or management information systems. It will also be important that you have a solid background in internet marketing and website design. Due to the fact that this industry is highly competitive it may be a good idea to consider obtaining your master’s degree in a concentration area such as: affiliate marketing, HTML coding, e-commerce, marketing, information technology, or search engine marketing. Should you decide to pursue your master’s degree you can expect coursework focused in areas such as: web design, database management, internet marketing, security issues, multimedia tools, and software engineering. Keep in mind, it is perfectly feasible for you to obtain your Master of Science degree with a concentration in e-commerce or you may prefer to pursue a master in business administration with an emphasis in e-commerce. Feel free to request a free information packet from any of the schools on our site that interest you. Your degree in e-commerce will make it possible for you to seek employment in many different venues. Although you could work for practically any type of company who has an online sales format, there are specific options you could pursue such as: web designers, systems analysts, developers, or systems administrators. In addition, if it is your desire to open your own business that offers online sales an e-commerce degree would serve you well in this capacity, also.


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