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If you have a knack for performing mathematical functions and you have a love for business, then perhaps a career in economics would be a great fit for you! By obtaining your bachelor’s degree in economics it would be possible for you to work as a research assistant, a management trainee, or in a sales capacity; many positions relative to economics are available with governmental agencies or with public policy advocacy groups. As a research assistant you will likely have to have a master’s level degree and you will be able to perform research studies, gather data, and analyze the results from the study. However, if you only have your bachelor’s degree in this area you would be able to work as a research assistant. Should you decide to work in sales you will be prepared with a solid understanding of how the market tends to work. It is likely that this knowledge and level of skill will work in your favor as you attempt to sell specific products. Although a bachelor’s degree in economics will probably not make it possible for you to obtain a job in management it will surely be sufficient for you to work in a training program for a specific company.

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As you work to obtain your degree in economics you will spend the majority of your time studying the management, the consumption, and the production and distribution of goods and services. This degree program is typically offered by all colleges and universities and will likely consist of numerous history, mathematics, and political science courses. For example, you will be required to complete courses such as economic development, regulated industries, healthcare economics, urban economics, and modern American capitalism. The coursework that you will be completing is designed to teach you about probability, investment markets, and financial institutions. If you decide to pursue your master’s degree in economics you will be completing courses such as resource economics, economics and law, public policy, environmental economics, and financial economics. Take a moment and look at any of the schools on our site that may interest you. The schools will be glad to send you a free information packet that details what they have to offer you. With a bachelor’s degree in economics it will be possible for you to work in the real estate industry, in an insurance capacity, or in finance. According to research, each of these industries is expected to continue to grow at a significant rate over the next few years. Should you decide to obtain your master’s degree then you would be able to work as a market analyst, a credit analyst, a bookkeeper, an investment banker, or an educator.