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Are you the type of person who makes sure that everyone’s needs are met? Do you not mind being this type of person and actually feel good about handling such major tasks? Do you have a feeling that you would be very successful in a career that allowed you to apply this natural talent you have? If you answered yes to each of these questions then you should consider a career in hospitality management. In this profession you will be providing a service, whether it may be behind the scenes to make an operation run smoothly or directly with customers or clients. The specific responsibilities you have on your job will likely vary depending upon your particular place of employment. For instance, as a lodging manager you could have the title of convention services manager or front office manager.If you obtain work as a gaming manager it will be likely that you work within a casino to ensure that the guests have a pleasurable experience. In the capacity of a catering manager you will be responsible for helping a client coordinate their catering event, this would include helping them make appropriate decisions regarding food and venue. In order to work in the industry of hospitality management it is most common for students to pursue a bachelor’s degree of professional studies with a concentration in hospitality management. Due to the fact that your career will require you to use many different facets of business, a large portion of your coursework will be related to business topics and accounting. For instance, you can expect to take classes in office operations, organizational development, managerial accounting, hospitality law, food and beverage, marketing principles, customer service, financial reporting, computer applications, and macroeconomics.

In order to advance in your career you may feel it necessary to pursue your master’s degree in an area relative to the hospitality industry. This coursework will teach you more in-depth knowledge of finance and management issues that you may deal with in hospitality, as well as ethical issues that may arise. Take a moment and look over any of the schools on our site that may interest you. If you see any that you like, request that they send you a free information packet detailing what they have to offer. With your degree in hospitality management it will be possible for you to pursue many different avenues of employment. For example, you could work as a gaming manager, as a lodging manager, or as a catering manager. Depending upon your employer, it may be common for there to be more than one person serving in a managerial position that deals with the hospitality of the company’s customers. Research your hospitality degree program below to get started.


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