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Do you want to spend your time marketing products or services for a particular company? Do you have a knack for identifying the positive points of a specific item? By obtaining your degree in marketing you will be sure to have an exciting career that will open many doors for you; whether it be in the world of marketing, advertising, analysis, or business. In addition, should you choose an area of concentration you will be able to work within a more focused area of marketing and you will also complete more focused coursework relative to your area of concentration. Your degree will allow you to work to identify the trends of the market place, to predict and forecast sales and to determine appropriate pricing and distribution of products.

Marketing Degree Program Training

By obtaining your master’s degree in business administration in marketing or your Master of Science degree in marketing you will be adequately prepared to enter the work force in a marketing capacity. Your degree program will be designed to teach you about many different areas of business, global markets, and brand strategies. In addition to your coursework, you should also expect to be required to complete an internship. This will give you the chance to apply what you have been learning in the classroom under the direct supervision of a mentor. Within your coursework you will also have the option to choose an area of concentration, such as computational marketing, service marketing, or brand management. Once you have elected an area of concentration you will choose elective courses to receive training in this area.

You can expect to be required to complete courses such as marketing analysis, marketing research, strategic marketing, customer management, and marketing communications. Keep in mind, should you choose to work towards your MBA degree with a concentration in marketing, you must first complete your bachelor’s degree program in an area like accounting, management, or statistics. You will also have to earn a satisfactory score on the GRE or the GMAT examination. Take a few minutes and look over any of the schools on the site that interest you; any of them would be glad to send you a free information packet to detail what they have to offer you in your educational pursuits. As a marketing degree holder you will be able to seek employment as a marketing manager, a market research consultant, or a market research analyst. It would also be possible for you to become employed in the advertising sector, as a wholesale sales representative, as a loan officer, or as a marketing manager.

After years of learning and getting the institutional training, it is now time for the students to choose a career. A career is a broad aspect and finding the perfect and suitable career can be a headache. There are literally millions of ways of earning a livelihood. The only difference among them is related to people’s perception and this perception is curved by the society they come from. Different society has different values, an Asian’s perception of a career would almost contradict the perception of people living in Europe or America. One career that respects all over the world is in marketing. With a global surge in multi-cultural companies, it is more important than ever to market the values of the company to consumers. A career in marketing is a secure and fulfilling experience for people who love to lead, make strategies and follow patterns and trends of the world. A typical career in marketing include tasks such as making an idea of how much product would the consumer of the product or the service would need, identifying the future market for the products and Services, closely keeping an eye on the current trends, improving pricing and preparing strategies for sales and working with peers and other staff harmoniously. If you are a US graduate then you should definitely think about the career options presented to you in marketing. To give you a proper insight on the career options in marketing we have a list comprising of some of the careers you should explore in Marketing. They are:

Market Research Assistant
Targeting is a crucial part in marketing. On one hand Properly targeting the consumers can be a huge bonus for the company, on the other hand, if the targeting of consumers goes off even by a bit the whole project could be a bust. New and emerging companies emphasize on targeting. It is a broad aspect and needs expert handling in the company. The target can be general or company specified or evens both in some cases. It depends on the company and mainly the products or the services the company is selling. To successfully capture a market, the marketer must do his research, understand the nature of the market, and find out the capability of the market. Conducting the research is a crucial part of a marketer’s responsibility. The research includes deeper understanding of the consumers, their needs and wants, their environment and social values, their buying and spending habits and their relation to the rest of the world.
Understanding the market is especially important to make strategies. Strategies differ from market to market. Different markets react in different ways to the same stimuli. To understand the market, the marketer also needs to have a bread knowledge about the company and its core value. The focus of a marketer should be to collect as much information as possible by using surveys, focus groups, and studying the reviews from other companies and experts. This allows the marketer to concentrate on a specific company target and gain a better knowledge about the target. Research can be a tricky thing to do. A marketer needs to understand the value his task and take into consideration that the company’s future may rely on him. This is a continuous pressure that they need to face daily. Students and the people who want to take marketing research as their career should take this into consideration.
Is Market Research the right career for you to choose?
Marketing research offers a company or an organization with a picture of what sorts of product or services are going to profitable. For already existing products and services, the research team can build the connection between the consumers and the company. This allows the company or the organization an understanding of their customers’ needs and expectations. For a small organization, simply asking some specific questions and retrieving the answers can tell them if they need to change anything or not. This makes the whole business process more accessible to the customers. If you think you are good with people, you can collect information from human subjects easily, quickly and accurately figure out numbers, and interpret the results precisely then the career in marketing research is just the thing for you.

Careers in Market Research:
• Market research director – almost 2000 jobs were available until July 4, 2017
• Market research manager – more than 200 jobs were available on the same date
• Market research supervisor – 100 jobs from different companies were available for the take
• Market analyst – 146 jobs were waiting for the right candidates

Brand Marketing Management

This is the most aesthetically pleasing and a preferable career track for most people. This is often the first career choice for a lot of people. This is an essential tool to properly function consumer products in any industry. Brand managers are often seen as small business owners as they are in full control of a brand and even the whole brand family. Brand managers are the ones who ensure that the products or the service all resonate with the brands’ current and potential customers. To achieve a sound customer to brand relationship, these professionals need to monitor marketing trends and keep an intensive lookout on the competition very often. They also have the responsibility to meet with the clients and the senior management, and a monitor a team of young marketers.
A brand manager also has the duties to guide a market research team by setting up the agenda and criteria, which includes product –development statement, pictures, video clips and product samples. After the completion of the research, the manager needs to then analyze the data which was collected and then develop the marketing strategy. The research dictates the action of brand manager. They may call for a new ad campaign, draw out a new vision, or even develop a new product. It is also the responsibility of the manager to make sure that all the other functions including promotion, research and development, and manufacturing are in perfect sync to bring out the best outcome from the strategy as soon as possible.
What is a Brand Manager?
Careers in product and brand managing need a lot of potentials. So for individuals who are well motivated and very eager to take on the responsibilities of a company should really give a thought on this career option. It is a very charming option as well. Meeting with new people, using creativity in the correct way, traveling to a new destination and being part of the change is all the benefits of working as a brand manager. plus they are the highest officials in an organization, which means they will be respected by not only their peers and colleagues but also from all sorts of people. The position also offers a certain amount of pressure and thrill. The thrill to run a company, the challenge to handle pressure. For people who seek adventure and challenge in their daily life, Brand Managing should definitely be on top of their list.
Some positions that are available:
• Brand manager – there are almost over 5000 jobs available as a brand manager.
• Product manager – there are over 300 jobs available as of 5th July 2017.
• Product development manager – there are over 5000 jobs available in the USA as of 5th July 5, 2017

Digital Advertising Career
If you want your work to be fun and if you want to create new and innovative ways to sell a product or a service, and plus if you have a talent for selling things then advertising just might be the right job for you. If you wish to pursue your career in advertising then you have to understand all the aspects of the company’s strategy and have a clear concept on the execution of the strategy. Most jobs in the adverting industry consist of basic knowledge of accounts, management, account planner, and media buyers. An advertiser has to work and integrate with all of that with the relation of with the company strategy.
It is the job of an account manager to act as a bridge between the agencies’ various departments and provide information to the clients. They also overlook the execution of the ads. They are the ones who make sure that advertisers stay well within their budget and schedule and they approve if the advert is proper to place for the clients. Account planners focus mostly on the consumers as the consumers are the main target here. They also have to run research on the consumer demographic for substantial information on what the consumers need and want. After the research, they have to analyze the findings and understand what motivates the consumer behavior in the marketplace. The job of media planner is to place the ads in places where the consumer would take notice of the ad. They have to have a complete understanding of the consumer psychology. They use the results found by the research conducted by the accounts and make the decision to place the ads in the right place. Commercial ads are generated to increase the awareness of the product or the services and also to make sure that the consumption of the product or service increase. Advertisers have to brand the product or the service in accordance with the consumer behavior. To achieve the best exposure an advertiser has to understand the concepts of television, radio, online behavior of consumers, domain hosting and product placements.

Is Advertising the Right Career For You?

Careers in this sector require variety, compensation on the basis of performance, a higher level of creativity, traveling and shifting, finding satisfaction from the work you have done, and communicating with lots and lots of people. The jobs in this sector are found in advertising agencies, various media sectors such as TV, radio, podcasts, the advertising departments in various departments in business companies and organization, non-profit organizations, and market research firms.

Some positions that are almost always available are given below:
• Advertising management – you have to communicate with outside media agencies on the ongoing campaign and show your share of creativity.
• Advertising sales director – you need to have a thorough understanding of clients and agency wants and how to display ads to attract consumers.
• Account executive – you have to drive the growth of client and company relationship.
• Account planners – you have to develop and enhance the relationships with the key accounts, companies and organization, and community organizations.
• Media director – you work with the innovative and the conventional media channels and will be responsible for the media ads placements.

Marketing Promotions Career
Promotion is the advancement of the product, an idea, or simply a point of view through the publicity and advertising. The use of a dedicated team just for promotion is increasing in popularity among the corporate world. The new and growing companies and organizations are really putting a lot of stress on promotion. It is now a big part of selling a product. S dedicated promotion works as a program that encourages consumers to consume more by special discounts, coupons, various samples, providing gifts for the customers, rebates, and sweepstakes. To make these programs more available to the consumers, they will use different marketing method which may include direct marketing, telemarketing, in-store display, advertisements, product endorsements, or special events such as charities, concerts and even tv ads. To make the programs successful a lot of creativity is needed and creativity Is highly valued in this sector. The purpose of promotion can vary with the strategy of the company or the organization. They may include: sales increases, new product acceptance and creating a brand equity and position the brand in the consumers head. The ability to present ideas, increase demand, and differentiating a product from other is very important in the promotion. If you think you are creative and can attract people towards you than this just might be the best job for you.
Some positions available are:
• Promotion director – lead a team to promote sales of the product or service
• Promotions assistant – you have to collaborate with the directors and work with them
• Public relation – you must have a good sense of communication and communicate with the clients to understand their needs.

Marketing Public Relations
It is a profession where you have to professionally maintain a friendly public image by an organization or a company or even a famous person. It is the practice of managing the flow of information between the consumers and the organization or company or the famous person. It is the core responsibility of the Public relation manager to fully control and manage communication effectively with the consumers, the media, employee or anyone related with the image of that organization or the company or the individual. They are the correspondent of news and it is their duty to keep the image of the company pristine. They are the spokesperson or spokespeople of any company. They are the ones from whom media get the information. Often times, they will be responsible for the press release of a product or service to promote new products or keep the investment community well informed about the business partnerships, other company news, and financial documents. If these information’s are based out of media relations, they would have to spend their time responding to the requests of various journalists with the information they ask for.
The main job and the oath that the Public Relations employee takes most often is that they portray the company in a way that is flattering and positive, which upholds the image and perception of the company. Even in situations of crisis, they have to represent their company in an uplifting manner. They have to generate vibe of positivity around the company and business practices. And lastly, it is their solemn duty to publicize the company’s products and services successfully.

So, as you can understand from the description above, in order to be a good public relations employee, a very good communication skill is a must. The ability to articulate with both spoken and written forms is a bonus point if you have it. To be successful in this career track you must be adaptable to different kinds of people, you have to be confident, you must be willing to take on pressure, and the ability to learn deeply about the client and the values that the client bear so as to communicate their messages as effectively as possible. Public relations professionals need to be able to think quickly and be persuasive when it matters as well as an outgoing and extroverted personality. They also have to be very assertive even in the face of immense pressure.
Positions available in public relations:
• Account Coordinator – you have to work with account executives and coordinate ad copies ad proofs. You will also be responsible for designing and coordinated advertisements.
• Account executive – you will have to grow and maintain a regional territory account list proactively.
• Media relations – work to pitch to the media proactively and effectively.
• Director, vice president – overall accountability in all aspects of delivering to the media on a large scale.
• PR consultant – you need to have a strong understanding of PR metrics and analysis.

Is a career in marketing for you?
With the recent surge in the online based social network, and most of the businesses have their e-commerce site, online marketing is the new frontier and is proving to be a great new sector to work on. Not only social media, with the influence of mobile computing and apps, RSS feeds, search engine optimization, online press releases, blogs, and email marketing rising rapidly the help of marketing is needed more than ever to reach the customers. With marketing, you get to meet with a lot of people and increase your network by a lot. Plus the globalization has made it easier to go global for the product, but the difference in mentality means different approach needed in different areas of the globe. Which is a great news for the marketing career seekers?
Marketing today is not just attractive to creative thinkers, it has also opened up to the people who like numbers and has an appreciation to numbers. While it might seem that marketing job is all fun and smiles, you have to understand the fact that you have to be ready for long hours and not take it personally to work in off days and weekends. The fact that marketing professionals have to work really hard is proven by facts. In the year 2000, 38 percent of advertising, public relation, and marketing professionals had to work at an average of 50 hours per week. You have to be ready both mentally a physically to work under pressure and thrive to meet the deadlines and goals that the company has set for him. You must keep in mind that you would have to work directly with people, some your superiors and some your subordinates, you have to maintain a professional and friendly relationship with them, even when their principals don’t match with you. You have to be prepared for substantial trips, which might come at any point.
Marketing has become a necessity and the importance and usefulness have been increasing day by day. Marketing is not only a crucial part of businesses only, it is also performed by educational institutes, religious, government organization, social service, and non-profit organizations or institutions. Marketing has a number of different and varieties of job opportunities. And they are available in plenty in the USA, no matter which career track you choose or whichever state you live in. To conclude, choosing the right track in marketing is relatively easy. The amount of career track marketing offers is really a boost in confidence for the newly graduates as people new to this field. There are numerous organizations and companies and even individuals who would want to hire marketing professionals to help them reach to the consumers more easily and efficiently. There are lots of opportunities to expand and various ways to use your knowledge that you have accumulated throughout the years. Marketing is best for people who are creative but aren’t afraid to deal with numbers. All these factors combined make marketing one of the most charming career tracks in the USA.


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