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If it is your nature to manage things and you can multi-task with the best, then it is likely that you should consider pursuing a career in property management. With your degree and some level of formal training you will be able to work with commercial properties, as well as with residential properties. It is important to understand that there is a major distinction between community association property management and onsite property management. In today’s fast paced society many owners and investors use property managers to ensure that their property maintains its value, as well as increases its potential to earn income. You may find yourself working with senior residence facilities, commercial real estate units, single family homes, or apartment complexes. In this occupation you may be responsible for overseeing repairs and remodels, handling finances for the facility, filling any vacancies, collecting rental payments, meeting with prospective tenants, scheduling necessary maintenance, responding to tenant complaints, and preparing reports for the owner or upper level management. You should also expect to be required to ensure that the property meets all legal requirements.

Due to the fact that being a property manager will require you to be a very organized individual, you will be best served by obtaining your degree. Perhaps the most lucrative degree program that you can pursue for this career path is to obtain your master of business administration degree with a concentration is real estate property management. Keep in mind, before you can begin working on your MBA degree you must first complete your undergraduate degree in an area relative to business.

Your degree program (both at master’s degree level and bachelor’s degree level) will help you learn about the logistical matters that you will deal with on a daily basis as a property manager. You can expect to take courses such as: the roles and responsibilities of property managers, client relations courses, and financial and accounting principles. Take a few moments and check out any of the schools on our site that appeal to you. Should you have further interest in any of the schools, request that they send you a free information packet so that you can learn more about what their school’s degree programs may have to offer you. Although potential job opportunities are projected to grow at a significant rate over the next few years, there are not many additional employment venues that you can pursue. Keep in mind, your degree in property management will allow you to work in many different type of facilities, but all in similar capacities. Learn to become a property manager.


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