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Are you interested in working in the real estate market? Do you have a knack for business and want to apply it to the sale and purchase of properties? Real estate is an academic and professional area that is associated with the law and business; it is primarily focused on residential and commercial properties. In order to practice real estate you will need to obtain a formal undergraduate or graduate degree. It is quite common for individuals who have a degree in real estate to actually work in a field such as housing or banking. Should you decide to work as a real estate agent you will likely find yourself renting, buying, and selling property for different clients on a commission basis. It is important to note that even after finishing your educational requirements you must earn a passing score on a professional certification examination.

Accredited Real Estate License Education

In order to practice real estate, you will at least need to complete your bachelor’s degree in real estate. The degree program you will be pursuing will cover a wide range of subjects like mathematics, economics, history, sciences, language, and finance. You can expect your coursework to take you approximately four years of full time studies to complete. You will likely be required to complete classes in property assessment, statistics, appraisal techniques, real estate law, urban economics, property and liability insurance, and taxation. Should you decide to pursue your master’s level degree in real estate you will spend much of your study time focusing more intently on previous subjects. You will probably also be required to complete a research based dissertation. Keep in mind, before you can begin working towards your master’s degree you must first obtain your undergraduate degree and take the GRE or GMAT examination. Are you still interested in working in the real estate industry? Take a moment and look over the schools that are listed on the site. If you see any that interest you, request a free information packet. Once you have completed the educational requirements to work in the real estate industry you can seek employment as a real estate agent, as a teacher, as a loan officer, as a property manager, or as a commercial property supervisor. Of course, if you decide to further your level of educational degree you will be able to pursue additional job opportunities. Find the top accredited schools for your real estate degree and get started today. The degree will separate you from all the other real estate agents in the marketplace.


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