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Are you interested in working in computer forensics but you aren’t sure just exactly what this occupation involves? As a computer and digital forensic specialist you will spend much of your time analyzing binary storage modes and computers as a means of identifying evidence of fraud, forgery, or other illegal activities. It is important to understand that the terms computer forensics specialist and digital forensics specialist are used synonymously. In order to be prepared to work in this occupation you will need to complete some level of educational degree program and training. While some colleges and universities offer an associate’s degree program, it is most common for individuals to obtain their bachelor’s degree, their master’s degree, or their graduate certificate.

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Should you decide to pursue your bachelor’s degree program you will be gaining a solid foundational knowledge of computer systems, along with an advanced level knowledge of digital forensics. Depending upon the school you decide to attend you may also be required to complete specific certifications before you will be allowed to begin working on other parts of the degree program. You should also expect to be required to complete an internship, which will allow you the opportunity to demonstrate and apply what you have learned in the classroom into a real world format. Along with some criminal justice classes you can also expect to be required to complete classes like: computer operating and file systems, computer networks and security, criminal law, types of cybercrime, investigations interviewing, digital evidence examinations, advanced forensic methods, intrusion detection, digital recovery and analysis of data, and data mining.

Should you decide to further your degree by obtaining your master’s level degree, you can expect to be completing approximately 36 credit hours. The courses that will be required will be relative to those in your undergraduate degree program but will be more in-depth studies of these topics. If you are interested in this career path, take a few minutes and check out any of the schools on our site that appeal to you. Should you find any schools that you feel are worth a second consideration then request that they send you a free information packet that will show what they have to offer you in your educational pursuits. With your degree in computer or digital forensics you will be able to seek employment through a variety of law enforcement related avenues. For instance, you could work in computer forensics laboratories, with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, or with local law enforcement agencies. No matter which venue you become employed within it will be important that you stay abreast of current trends that are relative to computer forensics. This will require you to complete continuing education hours either through an online learning format, through professionally based organizations, or through on campus courses.