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Microsoft Certification Courses

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Are you looking for a certification to boost your resume? Whether you're a computer novice or an IT professional, Microsoft has a certification program to suit you! Microsoft's range of certifications prove to employers that you have the technical skills they are looking for in their employees, and that you are serious about your personal and professional development. From expertise in Windows Office suite, to the know-how to install and maintain Microsoft networking and server programs, Microsoft has an array of different qualifications for different levels and goals. The suitability of a Microsoft certification depends on your level of experience and prior education, as well as your choice of certificate. For example, whilst the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist credential is open to anyone with even minimal computing experience, qualifications such as the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) require much more technical know-how and experience (the MCSE itself requires two years' experience working with networking and server tools, for example).

The Microsoft training program is split into two areas, Microsoft Certification Tracks and Microsoft Office Certification Tracks, both of which have Associate, Expert and Master levels of training which students may advance through. Whilst the standard Certification Track is designed for programmers, software engineers and other IT professionals, the Office Certification Track is suitable for those with less experience who are looking to enhance their computing skills for office work.

There a variety of ways to study and prepare for the exam or exams you will take, including instructor-led training, practice tests, self-paced training kits and Microsoft Press books. Although some may prefer instructor-led training, Microsoft recommends a self-study method, and offers preparation guides for each exam, which include a list of relevant skills students can practice. At the end of your chosen method of training, you will take one or more exams, which you must pass to gain the certification.

If you're not sure which certification track is for you, read on to find out about the different certification tracks Microsoft offers.

As more and more offices require the use of the full range of Microsoft tools, Microsoft Office Certification can be a great boost and put you ahead of the rest of the pack. Although most people these days can competently use word processors, having proven expertise of the full range of essential office products speaks volumes about your ability, and possibly your suitability for an office role. By the end of your training, you will have the knowledge and skills to enable you to complete a variety of Office-suite functions, such as:

  • Producing accurate, presentable graphs and tables in Excel
  • Using Excel functions and formulas
  • Producing high-quality Powerpoint presentations with ease
  • Using Mailmerge and other Word wizard tools
  • Producing client database information using Access
  • Using a variety of Outlook functions, from sending email to arranging office meetings with Outlook calendar

Microsoft Office Certification is a great option if you're looking for an office-based career, and it can boost your resume. However, if you're more technically-minded, especially if you have a computing-related Bachelor's or associate's degree (such as computer science or information systems), you might prefer Microsoft's other certification track. Designed for IT professionals and programmers, Microsoft's Certification Track allows you to build upon your technical knowledge and practical experience, and to prove to employers that you have the skills they are looking for.

Through the training course, you will learn to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of Microsoft products, proving to potential employers that you have what it takes to bug-fix systems, maintain crucial software, hardware and middleware, such as servers and networks, and communicate with users to find a solution to their IT problems. For this reason, candidates considering IT-based Microsoft certification must have excellent oral and written communication skills, as it will be necessary to translate technical expertise into lay terms for your clients' understanding. There are a number of careers you may be eligible for once you have completed your chosen training, dependent on your skills range and other education. One career you may be equipped to pursue upon completion of your training is a database administrator. Database administration requires both technical skills and office know-how, and can be a very rewarding career path for the right candidate. Here is some information about the role as a database administrator.