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Novell Certification Programs

Earn your Novell Certification

Have you recently completed a formal degree program in the field of technology? Are you finding that you are still not happy with the qualifications and training that you have to list on your resume? As you search for a job that fits your interests and goals, are you fielding a lot of questions regarding specific training programs that employers seem to be looking for? Or, perhaps you are a person who is trying to plot your future and have no specific idea as to a direction. If you said yes to each of these questions, then you may want to consider doing some research regarding Novell certifications and what each of them may be able to do for you and your career path. Take a few minutes and continue reading below to learn about the variety of certifications that Novell offers and what you will need to do to complete these training programs and examinations.

It is imperative to understand that there is quite a broad spectrum of certification opportunities that exist within the Novell training umbrella. Within the technological industry, the available Novell training programs are recognized as being industry leaders where training and examinations are concerned. While in many cases your resume must stand for itself without any valid proof that you can actually perform a specified task, simply having a Novell certification on your resume will likely be proof enough to land you that most desirable position. In addition, completing a Novell certification is quite easy for an individual to complete, especially when the benefits are so numerous. One of the newest available Novell certifications that individuals can pursue is the Certified Novell Identity Manager Administrator. This training program will test your knowledge and skill level with regards to the Novell Identity Manager 4: Advanced Edition. In addition to this newly offered area of certification you could also choose from other areas such as Certified Novell Zenworks Administrator, Novell Certified Linux Engineer 11, Certified Workload Management Administrator, Novell Certified Engineer, or Certified Linux Desktop Administrator, among other options.

So, the first thing you must do is choose which of the available Novell certifications that most appropriately appeal to you and your aspirations. This will dictate which of the applicable training paths that you should choose and will also help you to identify what you should do before you can begin the program you have selected. The Novell website will supply you with a list of the required courses and examinations that you will have to complete in order to become certified. The website will also provide you with a broad list of locations for you to register for a training program. It is important to note that before you enroll in a training program you will likely want to determine what your current skill and knowledge level is by completing a Technical Skills Assessment. This is a complimentary assessment that is available for interested parties on the Novell website. Once you decide the appropriate level to begin working at, you will want to note that you will not be required to complete any courses in relation to the certification you are seeking. Instead, you will only need to earn a passing score on the previously identified examination. Once you have passed the exam, you will be fully certified in that particular Novell area. Keep in mind, the Novell website will require you to consent to their agreement before partaking in any of their available examinations. Basically, you can expect to read through their agreement and to then provide your signature, which will show you are in consent of their regulations.

Due to the fact that there are many different examinations offered on the Novell website it may be somewhat confusing to individuals who are newcomers to this site. For instance, in order to complete a Linux certification you will need to register for one of Novell’s practicum type examinations. However, for CNA or CNE certifications you will need to register for a standard test, instead. On the Novell website, there is a collection of further information on each of these examination types, which will surely help make your decisions much easier on this front. It is important to note that while not all of the Novell examinations and training programs will fit your technological occupation, it may benefit you to complete more than one of the offered examinations. In many cases, your employer will guide you as to what certifications will be most desirable and most pertinent to your daily work duties.