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Do you find yourself highly interested in how different websites are designed, how they are set up to work and operate, and what makes one site more efficient than another? Do you hope to use your technological talent to work in this industry? If so, a career as a web designer may be the perfect path for you to pursue in order to experience professional fulfillment. In your capacity as web designer you will be expected to design and create a website from scratch for companies or individual clients. Often, you may work with larger corporations, while at other times you may be creating something for the small business owner. You will also be responsible for maintaining the sites you create, which will likely include ongoing design aspects, ad banners and promotional features, customized chat launchers, and seasonal content specials. Look into any of the web design classes below to get started!

Web Design Schools

It is common for web designers to obtain a bachelor’s degree in web design in order to be prepared for the requirements of this industry. However, depending upon the college or university that you choose to attend you may have the opportunity to also choose a second area to major in, such as digital media, technology design, multimedia, graphic design, or web production. You can expect to learn extensively about the concepts and theories that are associated with digital media and visual communications, as well as the technical components that are associated with application design, web design, package design, website production, and digital illustration methods. This four year course will require you to complete specific classes such as: multimedia production, visual communication theories, digital arts and design, usability testing, web publishing, web applications programming, and structured systems analysis and design. Upon completion of your coursework, you may want to pursue certification through organizations such as the Certified Internet Webmaster and the International Webmaster Association-HTML Writers Guild. Although it is not required by all potential employers, it may be beneficial in your job search for you to also become certified in specific types of software, like Flash or Adobe Dreamweaver. Take a moment and look over any of the schools on our site that may appeal to you. If you see a school that you would like further information from, request that they send you a free information packet detailing their educational offerings.

With some level of formal training in web design, you will be all set to enter the work force in a position that is projected to grow over the next few years. For instance, you could seek employment as a computer graphic artist, as a website designer, as a web publications specialist, as a media integration specialist, or as a web producer. If you are serious about your career training then talk to any of the web design schools below. Find a school in your area to attend a campus school or take your training online.