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Correctional Officer Colleges

Correctional Officer Schools

Have you recently decided that you would like to work in corrections? Are you not quite sure why you keep going back to this career path and feel that you need to find out more before you dive in? As a corrections officer you will definitely be considered a law enforcement professional. With formal training and preparation you will be qualified to seek employment in a county jail, a federal prison, or at a state penitentiary monitoring inmates and keeping order. Generally speaking, there are several different ways that you can obtain the necessary training that will allow you to work in this industry. It is important to note that while a post-secondary education is not necessary to work in a state or local facility, if you plan to work at the federal level then you must have completed a four year college degree.

Become a Correctional Officer

In your preparation to become a correctional officer you will be required to complete courses in criminal law, public management, race and ethnicity, crime and delinquency, and the sociology of deviance and popular culture. Keep in mind, it is common for aspiring correctional officers to choose to pursue a degree in sociology or criminal justice. Once you are hired by a correctional facility you can expect to be required to submit a written examination, a drug test, and a background check; in addition, you will also be required to be a certain age in order to be eligible.

You should also expect to be required to complete certain job specific training once you are gainfully employed. For instance, if you are hired by a federal institution then you will be required to complete over 300 hours of formal training within your first year of work. While requirements will vary depending upon your specific place of employment, you can also expect to be required to complete continuing education courses. For example, you may be expected to take classes related to firearms usage, relevant laws, and self-defense tactics. Take a moment and look more closely into the schools listed on our site. If you see any that particularly interest you, then request that they send you a complimentary information packet that will detail what they have to offer you in your educational pursuits. With your formal training to work as a correctional officer, your job responsibilities will be similar no matter which type of venue you end up working within. In addition, it is important to note that while some correctional facility jobs will be available to you with very little educational background, others will require that you obtain a higher education degree in order to be adequately prepared.