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Law Enforcement Administration Degree

Become a Law Enforcement Officer

Do you have the desire to work to uphold the law among our society? Do you want to work to make our streets as safe as possible? Have you made a decision to work in law enforcement but you really aren’t sure what you will be getting yourself into? If these questions sound like you were just described, then a career in law enforcement is sure to be an ideal fit for you! Keep reading to learn everything you will likely need to know about this exciting and fast-paced career. In the beginning of your career in law enforcement you will probably start out as a patrolman. In this capacity you will be responsible for handling an assigned area to prevent and discover crime, as well as to enforce regulations. You may be required to respond to calls, take any number of necessary actions at the scene of a disturbance or a crime, conduct investigations, make arrests, complete paperwork, and testify in court proceedings. Find the perfect law enforcement training school below and see which one is the best fit for you.

In order to be trained and prepared to work in the law enforcement industry you will need to begin by obtaining some level of formal training. Keep in mind, the education that is required will depend upon the position you hope to obtain and your state of residence. For instance, if you want to work as a federal law enforcement officer you will need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. In addition, for some positions you will need to have significant experience in a real job setting before you can fully acquire the position. In addition, should you decide to pursue becoming a DEA agent you will likely need to obtain your master’s level degree in an area such as telecommunications, criminal justice, computer science, or accounting.

However, should you decide that you want to work in a state or local law enforcement agency your requirements will be different. For instance, at this level you will need to have obtained your high school diploma and may also need to complete some specific training courses. Some schools offer this type of coursework in an online learning format for you to learn about criminology, law enforcement, and criminal justice. Take a few minutes and check out the schools that are shown on our site. If you see any that particularly interest you, request that they send you a complimentary information packet that will detail what they have to offer you in your educational endeavors. Due to the varied educational requirements, there are numerous job opportunities that you could feasibly pursue. For instance, you could work as a corrections officer, as a game warden, as a probation or parole officer, as a DEA agent, or as a law enforcement officer at any level.