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What to choose for a major in college can sometimes be a scary decision for students. There are so many choices out there, and for those who have not yet really decided exactly what profession they wish to go into, picking a major can seem overwhelming. This article will give some insight as to why an English major might be a good choice, and who might want to consider making that decision. A degree in English can be the start of a very solid and rewarding career. Some of the job opportunities available to an English major are account executives, communications specialists, advertising professionals, business operators, public accountants, consultants, social workers, those who work in public relations, copywriters, media specialists, novelists, creative writers, scriptwriters, editors, paralegals, journalists, librarians, and television writers and producers.

Attorneys can benefit from an English degree because of the communication skills learned through this field of study. Critical thinking is another skill learned from an English degree that will help those who wish to practice law, and many other job choices. Those who are considering marketing as a career will find that learning to express themselves through communicating using the English language can give you tremendous powers of persuasion when it comes to convincing consumers that they should try your product or service. Publicists can see these same benefits. As you can see, there’s no shortage of career choices available to those who graduate with a degree in English. Employers are well aware of how valuable an employee with these skills can be to a company and will most likely be eager to "snatch you up."

The reasons that someone would choose to be an English major, can be varied. Some like the opportunities available through the career choices mentioned above. Others may simply love the escape a good story or piece of literature can offer them, and their passion for reading gives them a desire for a richer understanding of what they read. You can also look into teaching oversees and finding a school that offers ESL training as part of their program. And still others who major in English might be looking for a more creative way to express their opinions, feelings, or thoughts through writing and an English degree can give them the knowledge to do so. Most people probably just know that the skills in decision making, reading comprehension, processing information, critical thinking, and writing will make them indispensable to anyone they work for. With all of these reasons in mind for choosing an English degree, it may begin to sound like a terrific starting point for many career paths. You may realize that this would be a good choice for you because of the versatility it offers while still giving you a solid foundation to stand on.