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Consider Earning a Foreign Language Degree

Foreign Language Training

Do you fluently speak a foreign language? Do you have the desire to teach students how to speak a foreign language? Do you think you have what it takes to work in an educational setting? If you answered yes to each of these questions, then maybe it is time for you to consider a career as a foreign language education teacher. In this position you will be responsible for planning creative lessons that will engage your students, for covering a broad range of content, and for assessing and evaluating your students on all of the information you have taught. Depending upon the specific area or school system you become employed by, there may be an opportunity for you to teach a foreign language to elementary or secondary students. Keep in mind, as a foreign language teacher you will likely be expected to perform the same responsibilities as that of a regular education teacher. Start your foreign language degree training today.

To be qualified to teach a foreign language to students you must first have a thorough knowledge of the language you plan to teach. In addition, your lessons will also need to teach your students about that country’s culture so it is important that you have a solid understanding of this as well. In order to teach a foreign language in a school setting you will need to at least have obtained your bachelor’s degree, which will take you about four years to complete. Most colleges and universities consider a degree in foreign language to be an add-on to your bachelor’s degree.

For instance, you may want to obtain your degree in elementary or secondary education and then complete the courses that will qualify you to teach the foreign language of your choosing. Or, you could choose to complete your degree in your chosen foreign language and then add-on your teacher education requirements. Generally speaking, it will probably only take you an additional year of coursework to complete all of the necessary requirements. Regardless of your educational plan of action you can expect it to be required that you complete a practical experience semester that takes place in an actual classroom. In addition, it will also be necessary for you to complete your state’s licensure requirements. Since specific requirements vary from one state to another you will want to verify what your state of residence requires. Take a few minutes and peruse the site in search of specific schools that may help you accomplish your educational goals. Feel free to request that they send you a complimentary information packet. As a degree holder in a foreign language you will be able to give private lessons or to work at the post-secondary level. Be sure to ask the schools below if they accept financial aid to help pay for your foreign language degree.