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Do you have a love for all types of music? Do you aspire to teach students about the many facets of music, so that they can have that appreciation, too? Do you think you have what it takes to create interesting music lessons that your students will enjoy? Maybe it’s time for you to consider a career as a musical education teacher! In order to work as a music teacher at a school you will at least need to obtain your bachelor’s degree. It is important to understand that as a music teacher you will likely have the same job responsibilities as those of a regular education teacher. You can expect to be responsible for handling discipline problems, performing assigned duty sessions, developing lessons that will engage your students, checking homework and other assignments for accuracy, and evaluating your students using a variety of assessment tools. Start your music education degree today by requesting information below from any of the colleges listed. Most colleges and universities offer a music education degree program at the bachelor’s level, at a master’s degree level, and at a doctoral level. Keep in mind, these degree programs will consist of courses that are geared toward the musical aspects as well as classes that will help you develop your abilities to be an effective teacher. Music education is even taught at the post-secondary level, so depending upon the degree program you choose to pursue, you will have the option to teach students from the elementary level to the college level.

Your degree program will be designed to teach you about music theory, education, child psychology, and philosophy of education. You can also expect to be required to complete classes that will teach you about childhood development and how to efficiently evaluate musical learning. As you learn about the fundamentals of music you can expect to be required to take classes like music history, music theory, childhood development, early childhood education, and training that is specific to the primary instrument you are studying. Take a few minutes and peruse the schools that are shown on our site. If you see any that are particularly interesting to you, feel free to request that they send you a complimentary information packet. This will help you be able to make a better decision about which school will offer what you need in order to achieve your educational goals. As a degree holder in music education you will also be able to seek other employment in areas such as: music editing and publishing, studio musician, music librarian, vocalist or instrumentalist, or in computer software development.