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Architectural Engineering Degree Programs

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Do you think you would like to work as an architectural engineer? Does that career path sound interesting, but you aren’t totally sure what it involves? An architectural engineer is someone who works alongside architects to design specific building systems. It is possible to enter this profession with a certificate program, or you can choose to further your education to a doctorate level program. However, most students choose to pursue a bachelor’s level degree program. It is common for students to have the opportunity to choose an area of specialization, such as construction, acoustics, structure, or lighting. Should you decide to specialize in an area of acoustics you will be learning about the relationship that exists between structure and sound. This important aspect of architectural engineering will teach you how to optimize on the acoustics for different purposes and different environments. Your coursework for this area of specialty will also help you learn about absorptive materials, structural barriers, noise control, vibration control, and the effects of noise producers (like heating and cooling devices). If you decide to focus your studies on architectural lighting then you will be learning about a wide variety of lighting materials, tools that can be used for lighting calculation, lighting designs, and electrical code requirements.

Your coursework will likely allow you to explore day lighting, how to effectively light outdoor spaces, interior lighting, and ways to reduce energy costs. Architectural Degree Programs A concentration in the area of structural analysis will primarily focus on ways to build a structure that will maximize on its strength, its stability, and its usefulness. You can expect to be required to design and build simple structures that fit within specific economic guidelines and building codes. It is also common for individuals to work with many different building materials, such as concrete, steel, wood, and masonry.

Within this major you will also have the opportunity to focus your studies on construction management. In this specialty area you will be creating site drawings, learning about many different pieces of construction equipment, becoming familiar with a variety of construction methods, studying building codes, and learning to select appropriate materials. You will also spend a significant amount of time learning how to bid on a construction project, contracts for projects, sequence and scheduling for a project, insurance, and cost estimating. Take a few minutes and request a free information packet from any of the schools on our site that appeal to you and your educational goals. As a degree holder in architectural engineering you will be able to work in roles that will have you designing lighting, acoustics, building structure, or managing construction sites.