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Do you work in architecture or engineering? Or, maybe you are employed in the construction industry. For each of these areas of occupation, AutoCAD is the standard design software that is utilized. AutoCAD will allow designers and drafters to create computer drawings that are two-dimensional and three-dimensional. Generally speaking, you can complete certificate programs or training programs in AutoCAD after completing your initial degree program in your field of study. It is common for AutoCAD certificate classes to also be available in an Autodesk certificate program. In addition, this certificate program is often available in an online learning format, which will make it possible for you to maintain previous obligations while working to complete your certificate training. In some instances you may only be required to complete one comprehensive course; however, it is more common for students to take several courses over an extended period of time. Keep in mind, it may require you to work for about two years to complete the entire AutoCAD training program. It may also be possible for you to pursue additional CAD software training in programs like Revit or 3ds MAX design. In order to be properly trained in AutoCAD, you will likely begin with an introductory level course. This class will provide you with a basic knowledge of the components of AutoCAD, such as operational commands, menu options, the interface, and the toolbars. Through observations, instructional components, and then independent work you will learn how to draw, edit, layer, and plot using AutoCAD. As you progress to an intermediate level course you will be learning skills like block attributes, dimensioning, hatching, tables, and cross-references. Next, you will likely be required to take an advanced level training course. In this class you will primarily focus on three-dimensional designs, learn how to navigate your designs, and how to appropriately use the modeling tools.

It is likely that you will also learn about lighting concepts, mapping concepts, and how to create solid models. Depending upon your specific course requirements you may also gain practice importing and scanning your images into three-dimensional models. To complete your certificate program in AutoCAD you will also be required to take a course in graphics production. The purpose of this course is to demonstrate how AutoCAD can be used in conjunction with web design and illustration projects. For instance, you will learn to use AutoCAD with Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Impression, and Adobe Photoshop software programs. It is common for students to learn how to correct photographs, create special effects, and manipulate the depth of field. While a certificate in AutoCAD alone will not particularly qualify you for a variety of occupational paths, this training can make you more marketable in certain industries. For instance, in the world of architecture you will surely need AutoCAD training in order to stand out against fellow job seekers. In addition, training and certification such as this will likely influence your salary. Start on your AutoCAD degree program today!