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Are you intrigued by alternative forms of medicine? Have you recently decided that this would be the perfect career path for you? As an acupuncture technician it is likely that you will spend the majority of your time working with patients who have mental health issues or who are battling addiction. To help them you will insert needles into specific points on their body to alleviate the pain they are experiencing. It is important to note that not all states permit technicians to practice acupuncture; therefore, you will want to be familiar with the regulations mandated by your state. In your position as an acupuncture technician you will generally be considered as a detoxification expert. You will commonly work with a person’s five points: kidney, liver, shen men, lung, and sympathetic. It is common for acupuncture technicians to also be referred to as auricular detox technicians. It is important to understand that as an acupuncture technician you will primarily focus on helping a patient deal with addiction, mental health issues, or emotional trauma. On the other hand, since acupuncturists have more in-depth training, they are allowed to work with a large range of health issues. For instance, you may help a patient prevent disease, help them better deal with the issues of a chronic disease, or internal medicine.

In order to work as an acupuncture technician you will be required to complete about 70 credit hours of study. However, if your goal is to be an acupuncturist then you can expect to be required to complete approximately 2,000 hours of training and education. According to the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, your training to become an acupuncture technician will require 40 hours of practical, hands-on work inside a clinic setting and 30 hours of classroom instruction. Keep in mind, a certificate training program in acupuncture is typically not offered by all post-secondary schools. While you can enter this industry with a certificate level program, you will want to be sure to complete the necessary requirements that will allow you to become licensed and certified. Take a few minutes and check out our site in search of schools that appeal to you. Any of them that particularly interest you will be more than glad to send you a free information packet regarding their educational programs. By furthering your education, you may also be able to work as a chiropractor, an athletic trainer, or as a massage therapist. In addition, as an acupuncture technician or an acupuncturist you will likely be able to seek employment in venues such as spas, health clinics, physician’s offices, or you can start your own business. Good luck with your research info an acupuncture training school.