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Did someone recently mention that maybe you should consider pursuing a career in aromatherapy? Was your immediate response something like, what is aromatherapy? Did you initially dismiss the idea, but are now thinking more seriously about this possible career path? In the profession of aromatherapy you will use highly concentrated essential oils to promote a patient’s health and well-being. Typically, the essential oils you will use will be in the form of aromatic compounds that are derived from plants. With your formal training in aromatherapy you will be able to seek employment in areas of holistic medicine or alternative medicine. In your position as an aromatherapist you will be applying oils directly to a patient’s skin and helping them to utilize inhalation techniques in order to allow them to get the maximum benefit from the aromatic compounds. You will also be responsible for mixing a variety of oils in order to address a patient’s specific needs; this will require you to have a solid understanding of the proper ratios of the oils that are needed. It is common for an aromatherapist to work in conjunction with another medical individual, such as a chiropractor.

To be qualified to work in aromatherapy you will likely want to obtain an associate’s degree or complete a certificate program. It is important to note that degree programs in aromatherapy are not common place; therefore, you may need to conduct extensive study in search of a school with this degree program. In addition, you will want to be sure that the post-secondary school you choose is accredited by the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy; however, no aromatherapy programs are accredited by the United States Department of Education.

Your training program will likely be specialized in complementary medicine or alternative health professions and will teach you about the therapeutic use of many different scents. Should you decide to pursue an aromatherapy program that is contained within a larger holistic medicine program you can expect to complete classes like: massage therapy, pathology, botany, reflexology, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, and acupressure. Take a few minutes and peruse the site in search of post-secondary schools that appeal to you. Any that you see that pique your interest will be glad to send you out a free information packet detailing their educational offerings. With some level of formal training in the area of aromatherapy you will also be able to become employed as a manufacturer or retailer, as an aromatherapy educator, or as an aromatherapist. Should you decide to further your level of educational degree you may also be able to seek employment in massage therapy, naturopathy, chiropractic, or acupuncture.