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Health Information Technology Associate's Degree

Health Information Technology Requirements

The Associate of Art in Health Care Administration is an important stepping-stone in learning specialized skills necessary in order to advance in the word of health care. This degree is also a starting point in furthering the student’s education in the health care field and when this degree program is completed, he will have the needed qualifications to continue in his educational pursuits.

The health information management degree starts with courses in general studies in order to instill the basic fundamental skills needed to continue to succeed with the concentration courses later I the program. The focus of the general studies classes are humanities, mathematics, social and life sciences, and communication arts. When the student completes these classes, he will have gained valuable and critical basic skills such as critical thinking and writing, problem solving, and the proper utilization of information.

The core concentration courses for Health Care Administration focuses on such critical skills as the study of health care organizations, the roles of the health care workers, public policy, information technology, financial management and the regulatory and ethical issues concerning health care. Upon completion of the degree program the student will be well versed in the kills in areas such as examining the United States Health care system, examining and discussing the state of health and disease, health care law and ethics, psychology and the financial operations of the health care system.

These critical skills are taught in a variety of core curriculum courses. These include such classes as Introduction to Health Care, the Language of Health Care, the Psychology of Health Care, Health and Diseases, Financial Mattes for the Health Care Professional and Communication Skills for the Health Care Professional.

Once a student finishes the general and core courses, essentially completing the degree program, they will be ready to enter the vast public and private health car environments with the specialized skills necessary to succeed. The student will also graduate with the prerequisite to advance to a Bachelor’s program in the same area if he wishes, as the skills and courses taught in this degree program serve as a foundation for this milestone in the student’s career.

Health Information Technology Associate's Degree

Health Information Technology Program Levels