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Home Health Assistant Training

Online Home Health Assistant Programs

Are you interested in working in the home health industry? Do you have what it takes to work in an administrative capacity to operate a large scale medical facility? Have you already completed your certification to work as a certified nurse’s assistant? Maybe it’s finally time for you to consider pursuing a profession as a home health assistant. In this professional capacity you will work to help sick, older, or disabled adults in a home health agency, a client’s home, or in hospice. You can expect to have patients that you visit on a regular basis to provide in home care for a wide variety of ailments or issues. In this line of work it will be important that you have compassion for your patients, a decent amount of body strength, and an honest desire to help individuals. It will also be important that you are comfortable acclimating to a variety of work environments.

To be prepared to work in this profession you will need to at least complete a certificate program. You can expect your program to consist of approximately 75 credit hours. Within your coursework you can expect to learn about how to transfer a patient safely, how to control infection, basic concepts of nutrition, medical terminology, and basic life support techniques. You will likely be required to complete classes such as: medication administration, introduction to home health care, checking vital signs, basic life support, medical terminology, and the aging process and appropriate nutrition.

After completing your certificate program you will also be required to obtain licensure from your state of residence. Although each state’s requirements vary slightly, you can expect to be required to earn a passing score on a written examination. It is important to understand that while not all states require home health assistants to obtain licensure, it is likely to help your chances of gaining employment. Take a few minutes and check out the medical assisting training schools on our site in search of ones that particularly interest you. Any of the schools that appeal to you will be more than glad to send you a free information packet that will detail what they have to offer you educationally. Although you may have to gain a small amount of additional training, you may also be able to seek employment as a home health aide, a nursing aide, a licensed practical nurse, or a home care aide. Generally speaking, a home health assistant will be able to find work for agencies that are funded by the government, such as Medicare or Medicaid. If you want to stop wasting time finding a home health training school then request your free information below from any of the schools.