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Optical Technician Masters Degree

How to Become an Optometrist

There are several benefits to pursuing an educational program through online media. In the current world of technology as we have it today, most colleges and universities are opening their doors to accommodate students who are willing to study online. Technology has revolutionized a lot of things in the world today beginning with the education sector. It is not secret that most students today opt for an online MBA mode of study regardless of the degree or specialty they pursue. I believe that every individual has a right to obtain quality education even those who cannot afford regular college training for whatever reasons they might have. Keeping this in mind, I hope this article helps you to shed and reshape your thoughts about registering for an online degree course in optometry.

Optometry refers to practice or profession by which a person examines the eyes of another individual and thus, be able to detect any visual defects and prescribe the corrective contact lenses. Professionals who are engaged in this field are known generally as optometrists of opticians. However, they have different naming depending on locations. For instance, in the United States and Canada they are referred to as Doctors of Optometry while, in the United Kingdom, they are famously called Ophthalmic opticians. Regardless of their reference in different sections of the world, their line of duty is quite the same.

Benefits of an Online MBA Optometry Degree

Choosing to pursue an online degree is one which has come with both advantages and disadvantages. To keep in the context of this topic, this article will highlight some of the reasons as to why an online optometry degree will be the best for you. These are as discussed below:

  • It offers the opportunity to study from the comfort of ones’ home or office. Due to the nature of its flexibility, you have the freedom of choice to decide hen to read or study of for your course and when to engage in other activities. This means that a person can be able to multi-task activities by allocating time appropriately to each of the programs.
  • Online study increases an individual’s career opportunities hence being able to earn a higher income at the work place. However, this is not directly correlated but, it is believed that if you spend time to further your educational prospects, chances of getting a promotion are high. As we all know, every promotion comes with an increase in the pay check. This can translate into a better lifestyle.
  • Studying optometry online also grants the opportunity to an individual to network and collaborate with other colleagues in the same field from all over the world. This increases the rate of information flow and exchange worldwide.
  • An online study program provides one with the opportunity to associate with knowledgeable academicians along with distinguished practicing professionals who are experts in this field of optometry.
  • Consequently, online study breaks the boredom associated with having to study in a physical classroom which probably lacks the required setting for study.
  • Lastly, this method allows for the receipt of an immediate impact of any recently acquired knowledge, skills and information that might improve the ability of one to perform and interpret clinically related optometric issues correctly.

The adoption of an online program's distance education layout has enabled and continues to enable many institutions to support their professional employees devoid of the member of staff having to lose valuable time absent from their jobs. By providing learning opportunities along with sustaining optometrists’ continued job growth, optical clinics are to be expected to retain their best personnel. In addition, by investing in enhancing the workers' skills, the institution stands en route for more gains in the course of enhanced employment performance.

As a medical degree, optometry degree is extremely competitive and so whether done through an online program must meet the threshold required by the offering institution. For instance, a person must have completed and qualified in a bachelor degree before being admitted into an optometry school.

The coursework of the program

An online optometry degree coursework depends on the level at which a person is studying. Supposing you are taking the program at a PhD level then, your coursework might entail subjects such as:

  • Principles and practices of optometric medicine.
  • Molecular processes.
  • Cellular processes.
  • Principles of optometry and management of vision problems.
  • Integrative approaches and solutions to optical clinical problems.

In case of a bachelor degree, the subjects may include among others:

  • Medical laboratory procedures.
  • Introduction to the science of vision.
  • Advanced human physiology and anatomy.
  • Development optometry.

However, it is prudent to note that every school, college and university develops its own program and subjects in line with its syllabus. Therefore, before choosing where to study you should take this into consideration.


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