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Do you want to work as a physician’s assistant? Are you only hesitating to make a final decision so that you can be sure this will be a good professional fit for you? Continue reading to learn the basics of what you need to know about this possible career path; this is sure to make an informed decision much easier! A physician’s assistant is a certified health care professional who works to provide therapeutic, preventive, and diagnostic healthcare services to patients; keep in mind, you will be working under the direct supervision of a physician. Finding a physician assistant school is your first step in the process. It is quite common for physician’s assistants to have some previous experience as a paramedic, a nurse, or as an emergency medical technician. In order to be qualified to work as a physician’s assistant you must have obtained licensure from the state you reside in. Although the specific requirements vary from one state to another you can expect some level of formal training to be a prerequisite to your licensure. While there are available programs that will only require that you have an undergraduate degree, the majority of medical assistant programs will have you completing a master’s level degree program. A Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies is a two year, graduate level program that will teach you about topics such as clinical management, diagnostic processes, and pathophysiology.

Keep in mind, if your undergraduate degree is in a field unrelated to the medical field you may be required to complete additional science classes, such as biochemistry and microbiology. Within your training program you may be required to complete clinical rotations in areas like gynecology, pediatrics, and obstetrics. It is important to understand that after obtaining your licensure you will be required to complete 100 hours of continuing education every two years in order to maintain your certification. Take a few minutes and check out any of the schools on our site that particularly appeal to you. Any of the schools you like will be glad to send you a free information packet that will detail what they have to offer you educationally. Since the educational requirements are somewhat similar, it may also be possible for you to seek employment as a paramedic, as an emergency medical technician, or as a nurse. Of course, if you become employed as a nurse you will be able to work within a hospital setting, in a doctor’s office, or within an extended stay facility.