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Rehabilitation Therapy Science Degrees

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Are you interested in becoming a rehabilitation therapist? Are you sure that this is the ideal career path for you, but now you feel the need to do a little homework about this occupation? As a rehabilitation therapist you may find yourself helping patients regain their mental abilities, physical abilities, or social abilities. Typically, an individual can enter this career path with an undergraduate degree program or with a graduate degree program. In addition, it is common for individuals to choose one area of specialty to focus their studies and their work efforts on. In your position as a rehabilitation therapist you will be providing patients with treatments that will help them heal their injuries, illnesses, or disabilities. It will be up to you to evaluate a patient’s limitations and qualifications in order to develop appropriate employment objectives and goals. If your goal is to become a rehab therapist then keep reading.

In order to work as a rehabilitation therapist there are several different degree programs you can choose to pursue. For instance, you could choose to obtain an Associate of Applied Science degree with a concentration in physical therapy assisting, or a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Science, a Master of Science degree in occupational therapy, or a Doctor of Philosophy in Rehabilitation Science. While the specific coursework will vary from one degree program to another and from one school to another, you can expect to be required to complete courses such as psychology, therapeutic practices, anatomy and physiology, ethics, and complementary therapies. Take a few minutes and check out the post-secondary schools that are listed on our site. Feel free to request a complimentary information packet from any of the schools that are particularly interesting to you.

As a degree holder in rehabilitation therapy it will be possible for you to work as a physical therapy assistant, as a physical therapist, or as an occupational therapist. As a physical therapy assistant you will spend much of your time providing massage therapy, demonstrating exercises, applying hot and cold compresses, and recording progress in a patient’s chart. In order to work as a physical therapist you will need to have completed a master’s or doctorate level degree. In this capacity you will work to develop a patient’s physical strength and range of motion, flexibility, and stamina. Generally speaking, these individuals will be recovering from an injury, a disease, or a surgery. As an occupational therapist you will help patients to better develop basic life skills. In this profession you may be required to work within a patient’s home. Choose to start your education from any of the rehabilitation therapy training programs below.