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Acceletrated RN to MSN Nursing Programs

Registered Nursing to Master of Science in Nursing

Do you have a few years of experience as a registered nurse? Are you considering advancing your educational degree so that you will have additional employment options? Are you excited about stepping into more advanced nursing roles that will allow you to have additional responsibilities? If you answered yes to each of these questions, then maybe it is time for you to consider pursuing a Master of Science degree in nursing. This degree program will prepare you for a career in nursing education, administration in a healthcare setting, or within a specialty area of nursing. However, it is important to understand that if you plan to conduct medical research or to teach at the post-secondary level, you will likely need to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy degree in nursing. Keep in mind, you will be required by your state of residence to complete continuing education hours each year in order to maintain your licensure that allows you to actively practice your profession. Find your RN to MSN nursing program below and get started working on your career goals.

As you work to obtain a Master of Science degree in nursing you will be learning important topics that pertain to human resources, nursing ethics, nursing law, healthcare business practices, and how to develop a nursing curriculum. The specific coursework that you will be working to complete will be designed to improve upon your problem solving techniques, your communication skills, and your ability to make effective and efficient decisions. In this professional capacity it will be critical that you are able to provide primary care to patients, to take command of chaotic situations, and to offer expert level knowledge in areas of specialty.

Generally speaking, you can expect to complete classes such as: legal and regulatory issues, nursing research, nursing education evaluation, healthcare financial management, nursing theory, and advanced practice nursing leadership. Within this degree program you will likely be allowed to choose an area of specialization, such as nursing administration, mental health nursing, advanced practice psychiatric, nurse practitioner, or nurse education. While specific educational requirements will vary from one school to another, it is likely that you can expect to complete a thesis prior to graduation. Take a few minutes and request a free information packet from any of the schools on our site that particularly interest you. Once you have completed this master’s degree program you will be able to seek employment as a nursing director, as a clinical nurse specialist, as a nurse anesthetist, as a nurse midwife, or as a nurse practitioner. Research your RN to MSN training program and get started.